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Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX, May 9, 2023 – Military health leaders at the San Antonio Uniform Services Health Education Consortium Annual Awards Dinner held at the Parr Club on May 6, 2023. Celebrating the top faculty of the year.

The award recognizes faculty achievements in the areas of professionalism, quality and safety, excellence in teaching, patient care, clinical research, operational medicine and mentorship.

Dr. Mark True, Dean of SAUSHEC, said: “Our faculty recruits graduates from medical schools and allied medical institutions, trains them to be incredibly competent professionals, ready to go where the country needs them, and builds medical teams. I am ready to lead.”

Each year, SAUSHEC hosts the training of more than 700 US military officers in 35 postgraduate medical education and 22 postgraduate joint health education professional programs at Brook Army Medical Center and Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgery Center. On June 8, SAUSHEC will celebrate the graduation of more than 230 of his Residents and Fellows from his 57 graduate programs.

Guest Speaker, Army Brigadier General. General Mary V. Kruger, Commander, Eastern Medical Readiness Force, and 24th Commissioner of the Army Medical Corps, said it was an honor to help recognize excellence in education and leadership.

“I am inspired by your commitment and passion to educate, mentor, and develop the next generation of military health system leaders,” said Krueger. Play a role, educate good clinicians and character leaders, and demonstrate the talent shaped by your operational experience.”

The success of the military health system depends on its ability to develop military medical leaders who are ready to serve anywhere, anytime, she noted.

“Military medical professionals have a unique mission,” the general said. “They must be prepared to work in highly sophisticated and modern facilities, providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based care, while treating military personnel outside the comfort of fixed facilities. be prepared to adjust clinical practice for short periods of time or without notice.

“From (military treatment facilities) of all ranges and sizes, to being part of a mobile team near the point of injury, to deploying flight or sea missions, our graduates ensure every soldier, sailor, aircraft carrier, and Marine. We need to remain adaptable and agile to help, and to ensure that the best available care is provided to those willing to lay down their lives for our freedom. I can be sure of that,” she added.

She noted that recent pandemics, natural disasters, and political and social unrest around the world have made the need for character leaders more than ever. A lifelong learner and doer of what is expected of those who lead.

“The graduates you teach are among the best and brightest our country has to offer,” she said. Encourage them to leave a mark in each profession they choose by making positive changes in their lives.

“The work and leadership skills you instill in future health care leaders will have a lasting impact on our military and country,” she added. And always remember that the passion and dedication that brought you to where you are today and the people you lead deserve.”

Follow the General’s orders. Air Force Brigadier General. Gen. Jeannine Ryder, 59th Medical Wing Commander, San Antonio Market Director, Army Brigadier General. BAMC Commander and Deputy Market Director General Deydre Teyhen presented the award to him.

Last year’s Golden Head Award winner, Emergency Medical Toxicologist Lt. Col. Joseph Madley, announced this year’s winner, Air Force Lt. Col. Alice E. Barsumian, BAMC’s Director of Infectious Diseases. The Golden Cane honors individuals who have demonstrated sustained professionalism and excellence throughout their military careers in the areas of patient care, resident education, clinical research, surgical medicine, and mentorship.

Barsoumian was awarded a framed cane, but all nominees for the Gold Headed Cane Award received medallions. They include Air Force Commander Shanna L. Hansen, sleeping pills, and puberty pills. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert W. Krell, Surgical Oncology. Air Force Lt. Col. Renee I. Matos, Pediatric Critical Care. and Army Lieutenant Colonel Lewis O. Rohena, Pediatric Genetics.

Additional nominees and winners are:

Professionalism Award – This award is given to faculty members who best demonstrate professional healthcare delivery manifested by accountability, excellence, integrity, service, and respect for others.

• Army Major Jeanne A. Crick – Neonatology (selective)
• Air Force Lt. Col. Carrie Ann R. Litke-Wager – Neonatology
• Air Force Lt. Col. Benjamin D. Morrow – Internal Medicine
• Army Captain Adharsh P. Ponnapakkam – Pediatrics
• Air Force Major Catherine M. Slogic – Anesthesiology

Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Award — This award recognizes those who best identify systemic problems in quality care and patient safety, learn lessons from these problems, and form the foundation of SAUSHEC’s safety culture. Recognize faculty members who call for iterative change.

• Air Force Lt. Col. Sarah N. Bowe – ENT
• Air Force Major Geoffrey A. Bader – Gastroenterology
• Major Dimas C. Espinola – Pediatrics
• Lt. Theodore G. Hart – Surgery
• Army Capt. Elizabeth A. Koslow – Pediatrics
• Air Force Lt. Col. Angela D. McElrath – Anesthesiology (selective)
• Air Force Major Eva K. Welch – Obstetrics and Gynecology

Colonel Gerald Wayne Talcott Award — This award recognizes the teaching excellence of the Allied Graduate Health Education Faculty.

• Air Force Major Chase A. Aycock – Behavioral Medicine
• Elina J. DaLomba, PhD – Occupational Therapy (Elective)
• Dr. Tamika D. Person-Knisley – Clinical Psychology
• Navy Lieutenant Rachel S. Robeck – Paramedic PA

Lt. Gen. PK Carlton Award — Named after the former Commander of the 59th Medical Wing and the Air Force Surgeon General, this award recognizes faculty excellence in graduate medical education.

• Air Force Major Sara S. Birdsong – Emergency Medicine
• Lt. Cm. Jamie L. Gelinger – Internal Medicine
• Air Force Lt. John C. Haninhake – Lung Critical Care (selection)
• Lt. Col. John R. Mouset – Psychiatry
• Air Force Lt. Col. Eric C. Umbreit – Urology
• Air Force Major Joseph M. Yabez, Jr. – Infectious Diseases

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