DVIDS – News – Czajka and Washington Represent NJ in Inspector General Contest

The New Jersey duo are competing in the 2023 U.S. Army Inspector General.
New Jersey Army National Guard Master Sergeant. Katarzyna Czajka will be competing for Petty Officer of the Year. And Inspector General Reginald Washington was nominated for his IG Civilian of the Year. Both are with the New Jersey National Guard Inspector General. They were nominated by U.S. Army Colonel Don P. Hershey, Commander’s Inspector General, and selected by the Army Inspector General to compete against his 11 other candidates in each group.
If selected, they will represent the top 1% of the Army Inspector General community, including active duty, guard, and reservists.
“It is such an honor to be selected to participate in this competition,” said Chaika. “IG’s motto is ‘Droit Et Avant’, which means ‘Be Right – Then Forward’. Taking care of my soldiers, doing the right thing and making the organization better every day has always been my priority and this nomination definitely solidifies that for me. ”
“As a former commanding officer, the preparation of Airmen has been my primary concern,” Washington said. “Knowing that I have contributed to the preparation of soldiers and airmen gives me great job satisfaction.”
Washington retired from the New Jersey Air National Guard after serving 29 years.
The Inspector General of the Year competition will take place March 28-30, 2023 in Washington, DC. The contestant will appear in front of a panel and be tested on his writing skills, knowledge of IG, processes, procedures, and communication.
His achievements are also drawing attention.
In 2022, the National Guard will return to the Guard Incentive Management System. As a result, every state faced the problem of ensuring soldiers received the incentives and bonuses they were meant to receive.
Both Chaika and Washington were instrumental in “fixing a huge backlog of delinquency incentives in the New Jersey National Guard,” Brigg said. Gen. Robert W. Hughes, Jr., Assistant Adjutant General – Army.
Hughes praised Chaika’s achievements.
“She has done an excellent job of building consensus across the Incentive Enterprise to solve this problem,” said Hughes. “For her efforts, Master Sergeant. Chaika has had a profound impact on improving the preparedness and resilience of soldiers and families.”
“Some soldiers had deadlines for reenlistment bonuses as well as initial enlistment bonuses,” Washington said.
“Mr. Washington is that rare “scholar and unbiased fact-finder” who has mastered critical thinking, demonstrated high intellectual prowess, and portrays extreme devotion to IG Enterprises, New Jersey.” said Brig. Gen. Lisa J. Hou, DO, Lieutenant General of New Jersey. “His desire to meet the needs of Soldiers and Airmen is invaluable and the glue to the success of the National Inspector General.”
The IG serves as the commander’s eyes, ears, voice, and conscience. The IG’s role is to determine and report on the command’s economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, cohesion, readiness, and resources.
“I believe communication is essential to the success of our organization,” she said, also participating in the quarterly Women’s Open Forum where the New Jersey National Guard and the New Jersey Department of Armed Forces meet to discuss issues affecting women. said Chaika, who is doing it. And she’s a veteran.
“This ensures that members of the organization are able to address senior leadership issues and concerns, and that overall we improve not only our culture but also our workplace and operating environment,” Czajka said. I’m here.
“Chaika demonstrates a leadership philosophy that puts people first while consistently demonstrating the highest degree of integrity, loyalty and drive,” added the commander of the New Jersey National Guard. Major Mark A. Leonard.
The lieutenant general acknowledged Washington’s devotion to the soldiers and airmen of New Jersey.
“Based on his exceptional job performance, I ranked him in the top 1% of all DoD civilians I have worked with for the past 30 years,” Hou said.
The Inspector General’s Office provides soldiers with impartial, unbiased advice and oversight through appropriate and timely inspections. Research and training to promote stewardship. accountability; dignity; efficiency; order and discipline to strengthen the overall readiness of the army.

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