Downtown Food Project Level 8 features LA’s best chefs

Downtown Los Angeles’ most ambitious new hospitality and hotel project is becoming more than just a Lakers pregame cocktail hangout. In addition to the aforementioned bar space operated by the Houston Hospitality brothers, the all-new Level 8 of the Moxy Hotel and AC Hotel will feature some of the city’s finest facilities to help operate multiple dining concepts across multiple different floors. A collection of culinary talents. Find out who’s cooking what at level 8 in the South Park district. The first restaurants are expected to open as early as early July.

The biggest chef involved in Level 8 is none other than Ray Garcia, who will oversee two different restaurants on the eighth floor of the hotel. A prime example is Qué Bárbaro, a fine dining establishment that uses live fire to grill meat and fish. The menu has a broad focus on South American cuisine, giving Garcia a new venue to express his love for Latin American flavors. Garcia has long held the attention of Los Angeles with his work at the now-closed restaurants Broken Spanish and BS Taqueria, and his current role as director of Asterid at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I’ve been collecting

Garcia will also run Brown Sheep, a small take-out spot modeled after a food truck, on an open-air terrace. The Brown Sheep offers Mexican cuisine with a global twist.

Mirame and Miratte chef Josh Gill are also participating in two Level 8 dining concepts. The larger of the two is Maison Kasai, where Gill ventures into California’s French cuisine with an upscale teppanyaki menu. So, not only the live show elements, but also premium ingredients such as A5 wagyu short rib caps and seafood. Near Brown Sheep is Gil’s other project of his, Mother of Pearl. An open-air (mostly) live bar serving caviar, cocktails and wine, as well as oysters and crudo.

Chef smiling with his hand on his chin on a wooden table.

Ray Garcia.
Jim Sullivan

An Asian female chef in a white chef coat is looking at the camera in an empty kitchen.

Hisae stuck.
Hisae is stuck

Lucky Mizu, a shabu-shabu and bamboo steamer restaurant, is overseen by Chef Hisae Stack (Joël Robuchon). Although the restaurant will focus on premium cuts of beef and local seafood, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the restaurant is the dining room. A giant earth harp anchors the space and is actually played during the dinner service.

Overseeing the entire show is Richard Archuleta (Open Nair), who has spent years cooking in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He will be the day-to-day culinary director of his sprawling 30,000-square-foot hospitality department at The Moxy Hotels and his AC Hotels, and welcome his bar at the entrance on Level 8, Mr. His Wonder. I am also in charge of creating the last menu. — and Golden Hour is an outdoor carousel bar near the pool. The final project, Sinners y Santos, will be led directly by the Houston brothers.

This will add a total of eight new food and beverage projects, with restaurants expected to open as early as July. This is great news for the Angelenos, who are gearing up for a big summer of eating, drinking, and gazing at the downtown LA skyline.

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