Dominic Jackson returns to St. Xavier track and field team after heart surgery

Dominic Jackson is a sophomore at St. Xavier High School in the fall of 2021, was on the cross-country team and was preparing for junior national basketball in the winter, but experienced chest pain during some training. bottom.

“I don’t really know why I chose to say it hurts because it doesn’t happen very often. It was just when I was training hard, so I thought, ‘Everybody’s going to get it.’ I feel this kind of pain,” I thought. It’s really not that serious,” Jackson said.

Dominique Jackson takes the baton from Gavin Pelzel as St. Xavier takes second place in the Division I 4x400m relay at the OHSAA Southwest Athletics Championships May 19, 2023 in Mason, Ohio .

After he mentioned this chest pain at a September 2021 appointment, doctors ordered an EKG. When the results were inconclusive, Mr. Jackson underwent an echocardiogram so doctors could study his heart’s structure and blood flow. The ultrasonography revealed an abnormal aortic root of the right coronary artery (AAORCA).

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