Doctors at Mercy Hospital Can’t Solve Man’s Medical Mystery

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man has been in constant pain for four weeks from an unknown medical condition that doctors at Mercy Hospital can’t figure out. The family hopes that someone who learns the story might know what the problem is.

I would like to warn you that videos and photos showing his condition may be graphic to some viewers.

Rick Evans’ family told KFOR his condition has received a lot of attention at Mercy Hospital. They said all the experts out there looked into him. He’s been through surgery and tests and still no answers.

Rick Evans. Image credit: Jackie Evans.

“It hurts to see him suffer. One of our daughters couldn’t even stay home and watch her son suffer,” said wife Jackie Evans.

Evans has been spending his days at Mercy Hospital lately.

“At first it was a severe pain in my arm, but within 4 or 5 days it started to swell up, turn red and keep getting bigger…and by the next day it had already doubled in size…severe throbbing pain at the same time. ‘ And at times I would have a searing sensation, just a blast of fire. It’s not very fun,” Evans said.

Evans said the pain in his right arm caused it to swell and eventually fill up with fluid and pop. He had surgery to remove it, but the fluid kept coming back and leaking. He said the pain was extreme, even after the surgery.

“It moved to my wrist, the swelling went down, and the pain came back to my wrist,” Evans said.

To make matters worse, he is starting to feel the same pain in his left leg.

“They ran every test…no one ever saw it,” Jackie Evans said.

A mountain of records has accumulated in the last two weeks. There are about 1,000 pages of medical tests.

Evans’ wife said KFOR doctors said they spent just under $1 million on tests.

“Trying to find the answer, or trying to find someone who has experienced it, who has experienced it, or who has seen it, is what matters now, because we are for him. I need to get help,” said Jackie Evans.

Evans works in an oil field. A couple missing work is therefore just one of the financial stresses families endure, along with very high medical bills.

“It’s very difficult because he wants me to go to work so that I can control everything financially. I don’t want to leave my husband because I need to be with him,” said Jackie Evans.

Rick Evans remains at Mercy Hospital on Thursday. Next steps include potentially sending him to the Mayo Clinic, and other research facilities are being considered.

A GoFundMe page was also created for those interested in helping families.

Mercy Hospital told KFOR in a statement, “Mercy’s care team has been diligent in Mr. Evans’ care to find the correct diagnosis and care plan. and colleagues, and our prayers go out to the Evans family as they continue to search for answers.”

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