District of Columbia: Law passed to expand access to medical cannabis

DC Marijuana Law

Legislation to provide patients with greater access to medical cannabis is now being enacted into law in the District of Columbia.

On January 31, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser signed Bill B24-0013: The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act. The measure became law yesterday, March 22, after going through a mandatory congressional review process.

The new law increases the number of licensed dispensaries that can operate in the district, enacts tax breaks for operators, codifies the ability for individuals to “self-certify” that they have a medical marijuana need, and introduces new cannabis laws. Create business categories. There are changes such as an on-site tasting/consumption lounge.

It also provides an opportunity for unregulated businesses to apply for a licence, giving law enforcement and regulators greater powers to police unlicensed facilities.

“Despite being under Congressional control, members of the DC City government continue to prioritize policies that promote and protect the freedom of responsible cannabis consumers,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “These policies include providing patients with convenient access to regulated medical cannabis products, prohibiting certain employers from discriminating against those who use cannabis outside of work, includes providing legal remedies to those convicted of mild marijuana convictions.”

Members of the D.C. City Council have made several moves in recent months, including legislation to increase the amount of medical marijuana that patients can legally possess and provide a process for eligible nonresident patients to apply for a registration card. Passed some cannabis-related reforms. Lawmakers also enacted broader legislation prohibiting employers from “refusing” with certain exceptions.[ing] hire, fire[ing] suspend employment[ing]failure[ing] be promoted, demoted[ing]or penalty[ing] It is due to the individual’s non-occupational cannabis use, status as a medical cannabis patient, or “the presence of cannabinoid metabolites in the body.” [their] Employer-requested or demanded drug test body fluids with no additional factors indicating disability.

Most recently, members of the DC Council enacted B24-0063: Second Chance Amendment Act. It provides for automatic review and removal of convictions or citations specific to marijuana-related offenses that were later decriminalized or legalized in the District of Columbia. and “Records relating solely to the simple possession of any quantity of marijuana in violation of DC Code § 48-904.01(d)(1) prior to February 15, 2015.” Courts must process all cannabis-specific erasures by January 1, 2025.

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