Days before major knee surgery, John Daly’s daughter Shy shares a wholesome update about 57-year-old John Daly

Despite his unique antics on and off the course, John Daly has had his fair share of health-related struggles. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

Meanwhile, Daly’s fans were recently informed of another disappointing fact about his health. Amid growing speculation about his health, the daughter of a PGA Tour pro has provided insight into his current situation!

Daly’s daughter gives new update on golfer


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Fan favorite John Daly is now overshadowed by his former self, primarily competing in the PGA Tour Champions. Daley’s struggles with his knee are well known, as he underwent replacement surgery for his knee in late 2022.

As fans await updates on his surgery, Daly’s daughter Shy shared a healthy photo of the golfer on Instagram.of golf bad boy He was in a good mood as he enjoyed a weekend getaway at the Old Hickory Country Club in Tennessee. He also had his trusty old golf clubs with him!

The father-daughter duo enjoy a lovely relationship and frequently update their fans about their golf sessions. cute moment He posted a picture of his father enjoying a slow-motion dance with his friends at the golf course on his Instagram story.

The golfer was due to make a guest appearance at the Torrance House Golf Club in East Kilbride this summer, but has now pulled out due to knee-related issues. His latest photos are sure to ease the worries of his devoted fans.

John Daly cancels guest appearance


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On July 28th, Scotland’s Torrance House Club is ready to take part in an event dedicated to his memorable career. However, Daly was forced to withdraw due to impending surgery. Depressed fans will also receive ticket refunds.

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Around glasgow worldevent organizer Artists International Management (AIM), broke the news via email. “John Daly’s manager informed us over the weekend that John will be hospitalized for knee surgery at the end of May or early June. He has therefore canceled the event in East Kilbride for a period of recovery. We can’t proceed as planned.Friday, July 28.” I read it.


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Fans only wish the golfer a speedy recovery. Do you think Daly will be back in his good old shape after surgery? Let us know in the comments!

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