Daughter needed brain surgery after hitting head with kid on playground

A 7-year-old needed life-saving brain surgery just hours after hitting his head on a playground.

Darcy Pelling from Telford was on the school playground when a classmate fell and hit her head.

Darcy Pelling rushed to hospital after hitting head with another child on playgroundcredit:

A few hours later, she was rushed to Princess Royal Hospital after experiencing vomiting of blood and other worrying symptoms.

A CT scan revealed that a fracture above the ear had ruptured a major blood vessel to the brain, and the bleeding had compressed the blood vessel.

Darcy needed emergency surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, but surgeons said they had one hour to save his life.

“No matter how hard I try, I will never forget that moment,” Darcy’s mother Anna said.

Darcy was in intensive care on a ventilator and spent the next day in hospital, celebrating her seventh birthday.

Darcy’s mother: ‘It was the worst time in our lives, but it was also the most encouraging and positive one, seeing Darcy’s bravery and rapid recovery.

“Darcy has made some wonderful friends on the ward. The sight of her having fun and laughing with the bravest children will forever be etched in my mind.”

She continued, “The next day was her seventh birthday, so the nurses decorated her room and had all the doctors and nurses sign a birthday card.

Darcy used her experience to raise money, raising £3,717 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Last year, parents were warned to be careful when taking their children to playgrounds in the summer.

One mother was furious after her son was injured while playing at school.

Darcy spent his seventh birthday in the hospitalCredits: Unknown, with photo desk.
Darcy was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for surgery.credit:
Darcy has raised over £3,000 for charity so farcredit:

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