Daniela Westbrook talks about ‘nightmare’ reconstructive surgery

She waited four years for a doctor to treat her collapsed nose as a result of her cocaine addiction.

Actress Daniela Westbrook, 49, has revealed her regret after undergoing her fifth facial reconstructive surgery in Turkey.

Daniela, who can’t take painkillers because of her past cocaine addiction, said she woke up in pain and feared for her life because it contains codeine.

The star went under the knife last month for a surgical thread lift (a procedure in which temporary stitches are used to create a “lift” in the skin) and a fat graft to correct past failed surgeries. was placed.

But she said OK! “I had a surgical thread lift that put over 1,200 threads into my face. they aren’t doing that.

‘I thought I was going to die: Daniella Westbrook details her ‘nightmare’ reconstructive surgery in Turkey where doctors couldn’t fix her nose and left her whole body ‘tennis ball-sized’ claimed to have left a “lump”
The worst of times: Daniela, who can’t take painkillers because of her past cocaine addiction, said she woke up in agony and feared taking her own life because it contains codeine. .

Daniela says she’s going back to my surgeon in Liverpool to fix her nose – they say they’ll rebuild all the bridges in her mouth and build up the front of her nose.

She said: “They took the fat off my back, my sides, my stomach and put it in my face to make it more symmetrical. I always had a six pack and when I woke up it was gone.

“I also have big fluid lumps all over my stomach. They’re like big tennis balls. It’s ruined my body. It takes a lot of effort to get it back in shape. Me.” I turned 50 this year and wanted to be in the best shape I’ve ever been.

Despite having had surgery before, Daniela said she had never experienced pain like she felt after a two-hour operation.

She also said she kept crying hysterically, but the Turkish doctor couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Daniela said she was sure she was going to die and wrote a will. In Turkey she recovered for five days before flying to Portugal where she now lives.

More than ever before, she hated her appearance and wanted to be in her best shape before she turned 50.

Daniela vowed never to have surgery abroad again and said she is in good spirits.

help!Last month, Daniela went under the knife for a surgical thread lift (a procedure that uses temporary stitches to “lift” the skin) and a fat graft to fix a past botched surgery – stock images
Throwback: Daniela (pictured in 1991) previously revealed she was planning to undergo facial reconstruction surgery.
Harsh: The actress’ battle with drugs has been widely reported (pictured in 2009)
Now: She was pictured early last year
Actress: Daniela first appeared on EastEnders in 1990 at the age of 16 and has had several jobs on the soap over the years (pictured in 2009).

She got engaged to her fiancé, David, 29, who is currently in prison last year, but she’s looking forward to getting married this year and finally getting her face fixed.

It has been revealed that Daniela is finally undergoing facial reconstruction surgery on the NHS after a private plastic surgeon said it would cost £500,000.

The star needs five surgeries to correct her “crumpled” face due to her previous cocaine addiction and osteoporosis.

However, she claims she needs surgery to “survive” and that it’s not for “vanity” but purely for health reasons after her septum collapsed in 2002 due to excessive drug use. doing.

She previously told The Sun:

“The plastic surgeon asked for £500,000 to transform my face, and I didn’t think I was going to make it, because I ended up in intensive care before Christmas.

“I had a cold and couldn’t breathe. Fluid buildup, I fell asleep and couldn’t wake up, so I ended up in the intensive care unit.

“I was sent to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool because it put me in front of the right doctors. They’re doing it for me now under the NHS.”

The star recently revealed plans to have ribs inserted into his face after years of substance abuse destroyed his nose.

After having rib implant surgery in 2018 after osteoporosis left her cheekbones and gums rotting away, and facial surgery last year, plus lip fillers and Botox, she’s in top shape. I hope to return.

The actress’s battle with drugs has been widely publicized, and she famously had her nose reconstructed in 2002 after her nasal septum collapsed due to cocaine overuse.

At the height of her use, it was reported that she consumed up to 5 grams of cocaine a day, costing her nearly £250,000.

Since then, the star has embarked on multiple rehab stints to battle his demons, revealing he was finally clean in June 2021 after attending a clinic in Mijas, Spain.

Daniela first appeared on EastEnders in 1990 at the age of 16 and starred in the soap for three years.

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