CU School of Medicine Graduated in 2023

We are thrilled to celebrate the 2023 Commencement of the University of Colorado School of Medicine with a hooded and swearing-in ceremony on Monday, May 22nd at 10:15am.

Please join us as we celebrate the students who have achieved so much over the past four years and strive to meet the demands of healthcare. School and clinical training.

Click the stories below to learn more about our graduates and their journey to medical school.

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Marley and Matt - 5-11-23

Not many love stories start at 4am in the corpse lab, but this one does.

Dr. Marley Fisher and Dr. Matt Suvarina had just started their MD/PhD program. University of Colorado School of Medicine And in the first few months, I had learned that I had to give something to balance my graduate foundation course with my human anatomy lab.

What it gave me was sleep. Matt declared to a small group of nine M.D./Ph.D. Marley was the only one to do so.

Brenda La White Coat - 4-24-23

At Brenda La’s heart, she loves a close-knit community.

The soon-to-be graduate found herself immersed in everything from the remote Alaskan countryside to a group of students she met while in college. University of Colorado School of Medicine.

“One of the most rewarding experiences of CU medical school has been the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the amazing people in this community,” said La, co-president of the 2023 class of graduates. .

Bianca Sanchez - 5-10-23

For Bianca Sanchez, medical and family ideas are closely intertwined.

As a fourth-year medical student, Ahead of her graduation later this month, the University of Colorado Medical School said it was a family conflict that prompted her to pursue medicine, and that her desire to help families like her led her to pediatrics. I recall it being a wish. She has a residency at CU Medical School. Her residency will start this summer.

Steve Harborcorn - 5-10-23

Steve Haberkorn knows he’s not the first to pursue a career in medicine out of a desire to help people. But that’s why he did it, to help in any way he could and to work to improve people’s lives.

Through his research At the University of Colorado School of Medicine, he learned how helping requires empathy. Clinicians need to see things from the patient’s perspective.

So when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in January 2019, nearly halfway through medical research, he embarked on a personal medical journey that he finds sometimes overwhelming and quite frightening.

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