CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Becomes First Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Institution in Rocky Mountain Region

CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus became the first federally recognized Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Service Institute (ANAPISI) in the Rocky Mountain region. This designation opens up opportunities to help strengthen programs aimed at student success. These campuses are eligible to apply for federal grants available only to institutions with this designation.

To obtain the AANAPISI designation, an institution must enroll undergraduate students who are at least 10% Asian American and Pacific Islander Native (AAPI) and meet other requirements under Pell Grant Eligible Students. must be qualified and qualified as required by the U.S. Department of Education. Considering the low cost of education. Native American Pacific Islanders are defined as descendants of the indigenous peoples of the American Islands in the Pacific (Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands). Based on her Spring 2022 enrollment at the time CU submitted its application, AAPI students made up 14 percent of her dual-campus undergraduate enrollment.

In addition to receiving this designation, the Department of Education has awarded CU $1.8 million over the next five years. This grant project will fund five of her initiatives:

  • Peer Student Success Coaching Program
  • peer mental health program
  • Student Behavior Research Team. An initial focus on understanding the assets and needs of AAPI students in more detail.
  • Our evidence-based content creation team creates materials for use by student success and mental health coaches.
  • Expansion of dual-enrollment ethnology subjects in local high schools

The accomplishment of AANAPISI happened to coincide with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and was achieved after almost two years of hard work by the campus AANAPISI operations team.

People’s voice:

“We are pleased to be the only university in the Rocky Mountain region to earn this important AANAPISI designation, which will enable us to enhance our student success programs.” We look forward to applying for additional grants so that we can welcome and support even more students from different backgrounds. ”
–CU Denver President Michelle Marks

“This accreditation as an institution that supports Asian American and Native American Pacific Islanders proves that the University of Denver is committed to equity. While it won’t come to fruition, providing every student with the financial and educational tools they need to succeed will help us reach our goals.”
– Senator John Hickenlooper

“For 50 years, the University of Denver has provided quality education and meaningful career paths to students from diverse backgrounds. It’s the result of decades of work, and will allow the University of Denver to build on its success and extend its support to students of all backgrounds.”
– Senator Michael Bennett

About the University of Colorado Denver
The University of Colorado Denver is the state’s premier public urban research university and equity-serving institution. With global connections and local investments, the University of Denver partners with forward-thinking learners and communities to provide accessible, relevant and innovative learning for all stages of life and careers. We design educational experiences. Across his seven schools and colleges in the heart of downtown Denver, our top-notch faculty inspires and empowers students through boundary-busting innovation, impactful research, and creative work. We work with you to solve complex problems. Part of the state’s largest university system, CU Denver has 2,000 employees and an annual economic impact of $800 million, contributing significantly to the Colorado economy. See for more information.

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