CSF Surgery helps people without health insurance to get life-supporting surgeries

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — When Roberto Temblador’s daughter learned about the virtual health fair held by CSF Surgery, she told her father about the organization and what they could do for him. Roberto is now on the road to recovery thanks to their help.

“On January 17th of this year, CSF Surgery recommended that I go to the clinic to have a colonoscopy. Mr Temblador said.

Roberto Tembrador says he was worried about the cost of the surgery he needed after learning he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

His wife Sarah says the surgery was estimated to cost $120,000, but CSF Surgery covered 90% of the surgery, bringing the price down to $12,000.

“They recommended surgery by the doctor who performed the surgery. After he finished the surgery, I felt better. Even today, so far, I’m still feeling much more positive. Me. met him and he looks so much better.We are in a better place than when this started,” said Sara Gonzalez.

Now, after his successful surgery, Temblador is doing well, but is on course for another week of chemotherapy and radiation.

“Right now I am on 24 hours of chemotherapy. We are waiting for you,” said Temblador.

One of the reasons Temblador was struggling financially was because she was unable to work because of her cancer and lost her job. But CSF Surgery stepped in to help.

“Roberto, his first priority was his family until he lost his job and had to take care of himself. We will do everything in our power to help patients like Roberto,” said CSF. said Patricia Rico, Surgical Patient Support Supervisor.

Temblador says it gave him hope when he learned about the CSF surgery, and he says it can give hope to others.

“I encourage anyone who feels any change in their health or body to get tested as soon as possible so they don’t have to go through the same experience as I did.”

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