Costco Brings Chopped Onions Back to Food Court

A recent sighting at America’s most popular blockbuster eatery suggests that nature is healing, or at least food courts are healing.

On April 30, rumors surfaced on Reddit that Costco’s fan-favorite hot dog topping, chopped raw onions, was back in stock.

“Onions will be back in New Jersey soon and hopefully all Costcos soon,” a Reddit user wrote on the r/Costco subreddit, along with a flyer announcing the return of the crunchy hot dog fix to the Pacific Northwest. shared an image of.

The leaflet reads, “Seasoning Update: Return of diced onions.”

Costco’s food court menu features its trademark affordable hot dogs.shutter stock

The flyer also says individual cups of onions will be refrigerated in the food court and available to Costco members upon request.

And Costco has confirmed the rumors to be true.

“Yes, we can confirm that Dice Onion will be back soon,” Costco management wrote in an email to

For those unfamiliar with Costco’s legend, after buying a 67-ounce Nutella, a 28-pound macaroni and cheese, or a 5-pound peanut butter chocolate pie, many people buy the chain’s popular $1.50 Head to the food court for a hot dog and soda combo and top it off. Choose from ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet pickles, sauerkraut, and/or raw diced onions for your dog.

But in 2020, The Onion, the entire food court, and even free samples have been put on indefinite hiatus as a result of the pandemic and associated closures.

In 2021, the reintroduction of the chain’s popular chicken bake heralded a return to food courts as states began easing restrictions. The food court’s healing journey saw the return of tables and chairs, plus ice cream, smoothies, and other items back on the menu.

Costco hasn’t confirmed the exact date, but Reddit users point out that the date “P10 — W1” on the flyer means May 8 in Costco’s internal code.

Are there really fans of Costco’s minced onions? Take a look around social media and you’ll see that it certainly exists. People have been anxiously waiting for the revival of this item for years.

‘This pandemic won’t be over until Costco sells onions for hot dogs again’ tweeted In March 2022.

Another allium enthusiast went one step further and smuggled his own onions into the food court.

“We brought our own onions because we got tired of waiting for Costco to bring them back,” one Redditor posted in July 2022.

When the news of the return of the onion made its way online, people shared their excitement on social media.

“I did it!” popular TikToker @costcohotfinds wrote in the video’s caption, highlighting a recent onion-packed trip to Costco.

“Hmm, I’ve brought in my own chopped onions before. I’m thrilled they brought them back,” someone commented on Instagram.

Another Instagram commenter wrote, “This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been waiting for a while, sometimes asking employees when it’s coming.” I added that I made it. “Funny, we celebrate the little things in life that matter so much. Thank you #Costco.”

“The thing that makes me feel a little less guilty about eating hot dogs is, yeah, I want onions!” wrote one Redditor.

“I was full of doubts, but my prayers have been answered. Chopped onions are back for Costco hot dogs.” tweeted someone else. “I am filled with the love of God. And onions.”

But despite the celebrations, Costco customers are still hoping for a return of food court favorites like sauerkraut, Polish dogs and combination pizzas. Perhaps the onion will pave the way for revival.

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