Coroner’s treatment ‘justified’, Reds outlook

Dr. David Suetholz was convicted late last year of 12 counts of illegally prescribing drugs, including opioids, to three patients.

Hello, this is Terry Demio and my colleague Quinlan Bentley.

I cover the opioid epidemic and Quinlan is on the breaking news team covering the Northern Kentucky courts. He follows the conviction case of Dr. David Suetholz, a county coroner and family physician of 30 years. illegally prescribing drugs containing opioids, to 3 patients.

I knew Swetholz from my reporting on the heroin epidemic. He seemed like a passionate doctor. Treatment of heroin and painkiller addictsAs a Kenton County coroner, he was also dismayed to see one after another being driven to the coroner’s office. death from overdose.

I have contacted Suetholz, who is currently awaiting judgment, Impact of his trial and patient treatment They are on the “periphery,” as he calls them. he said yes. Please check this out for details.

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