Cornish puppy born without ear holes undergoes rare surgery

An adorable puppy born without ear holes underwent a rare surgery to fix them. Labrador retriever puppy Rosie has been receiving professional care and is recovering well.

Owner Jim Seawright, who lives in Feoc, near Truro, first noticed something was wrong after taking Rosie to his Cornwall home to clean her ears. “I was concerned about the potential invasiveness of the surgery,” he said.

Four months old at the time, Rosie had to travel over 160 miles to Somerset for special treatment. “Her Rosie’s condition has improved significantly and her hearing has improved significantly,” Jim added.

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Rosie underwent surgery at Cave Veterinary Specialty Hospital, a leading veterinary hospital in Somerset. It turned out that her symptoms might put her at risk for invasive surgery to remove her entire ear canal, but fortunately she was able to proceed with a less invasive procedure.

A CT scan by Cave’s dermatologist diagnosed an atresia in his right ear canal, meaning there was no ear opening. The operation, led by Malcolm Jacques, chief of surgery and specialist in small animal surgery in Europe, involved the complex task of making a new opening in the ear.

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