Closed-loop medicine and Pharmanovia co-developing precision medicines

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UK-based Closed Loop Medicine and Pharmanovia announced this week that they are collaborating to develop precision medicine combination therapies.

The first product in development will combine Pharmanovia’s portfolio of hypertension drugs with software developed by Closed Loop to provide optimal personalized dosing.

Hypertension is a leading cause of preventable health problems and premature death worldwide. Many treatments are available for hypertension, but poor adherence can be a problem due to adverse events and tolerability issues. The companies hope that improved dosing individualization will help hypertensive patients achieve better outcomes and reduce adverse events.

Pharmanovia was founded in 2013 and is based in Basildon. The company specializes in purchasing tested medicines and modifying or repurposing them, such as re-formulating from tablets to patches or long-acting drugs. Acquired by investment firm Triton Partners in 2019, it now markets more than 20 pharmaceutical brands in 140 markets, primarily focused on cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological and cancer.

Closed Loop was founded in London in 2017 and focuses on specialized digital health software. It aims to combine wearable devices and software to aid patient administration, maximize benefits and minimize side effects. The company already has CLM-HT01, a single-label combination product that combines an antihypertensive drug with a medical device software product that enables medication optimization and improvement of lifestyle factors, and a combination product targeting insomnia and chronic pain. We are expanding our products. Recent trial results suggest that this approach may be effective.

The partnership will combine Pharmanovia’s hypertension treatment portfolio, which acquired commercial rights to five antihypertensive drugs from AstraZeneca in 2020, with its closed-loop “software-as-a-device” dosing optimization technology.

“Through this co-development agreement, we will align our intellectual property, insight and technical know-how in dose-optimized drug and software integration with Pharmanovia’s innovative business model to develop a well-known and trusted brand. “We provide product solutions worldwide,” said Hakim Yadi, CEO and co-founder of Closed Loop Medicine, in a press statement.

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