Clarke Releases ‘Medicine’ Featuring Thom Yorke: Stream

From Clarke’s tenth studio album Sass Dog

Clark has released his tenth studio album produced by Thom Yorke. Susdog, via Throttle Records, shared the music video for the song “Medicine” featuring York’s vocals. Check out the music video for the single below.

Susdog York will serve as executive producer, and it will feature Clark moving in a new direction. For him, his first album to “focus entirely on his voice,” the 43-year-old electronic musician is portrayed in a more intimate and uplifting setting than his predecessor.

The single “Medicine” demonstrates that. Beneath a bed of slow, stuttering beats and retro synths, Clarke’s smooth, airy voice feels intimate. In a press statement, he said the song was “not just about a perfect day in nature with my wife, but also about chance, the fear of time, man as an animal, addiction, inner judgment, and that.” It also sings about being someone else’s narcissism all the time.” ”

Yorke also sings (and plays bass) on “Medicine”, performing in a truly Yorke-like manner amid increasingly intense harmonies. At the end of the verse, as he sings about “drugs that flood the veins,” the arrangement begins with swells of strings and drum fills that fly synaptically. Check out the music video for the single below.

Susdog is available for streaming starting today and will be available in physical form on June 16th. Pre-orders for analog records and CDs are ongoing.

Clarke also has a series of North American tour dates scheduled. Check out the full list of dates and get your tickets here.

Susdog artwork:

Susdog Track list:
01. Alyosha
02. Town Crank
03. Susdog (feat. Anika)
04. Clutch pearls
05. Beyond the Empty City
06. Wedding
07. Forest
08. Dol Gogh Tape
09. Bully
10. Negative
11. Medicine (feat. Thom Yorke)
12. Ladder

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