Cinema, General Aviation Manufacturers Association and Regional Airline Associations Talk Aviation Safety, Innovation

Senators met with aviation bodies to discuss priorities ahead of Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization

Washington – Senior Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona on priorities to improve aviation safety, address workforce concerns and foster innovation ahead of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization. He met with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the Regional Airline Associations.

“Arizona citizens expect safe and efficient air travel, which is why we are working with the aviation community to ensure Arizona’s priorities are met in upcoming FAA reauthorization legislation. We are working on it,” Cinema said.

The FAA was reauthorized for five years in October 2018, extending FAA funding and authority through fiscal year 2023. Last September, Cinema chaired a subcommittee hearing that highlighted opportunities to enhance aviation safety and operations in Arizona and throughout the United States. Future FAA Reauthorization.

bipartisan cinema Infrastructure investment and employment The legislation – a broad bill drafted, negotiated by senators and led through Congress – includes a historic $25 billion additional investment in aviation infrastructure. Bipartisan legislation grants $15 billion to priority projects for all U.S. airports, $5 billion to competitive grants for terminal development and other landslide projects, and $5 billion to upgrade air traffic control towers and infrastructure It provides

Since the cinema bipartisan bill was signed into law in November 2021, more than $69 million has been spent on repairs and renovations across Arizona’s airports.

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association exists to promote the welfare, safety, profits and activities of the global general aviation industry. The Regional Airline Association provides a unified voice of advocacy for North American regional airlines aimed at promoting a safe, trustworthy and strong regional aviation industry, and a vital support network connecting regional airlines with industry business partners. act as a facilitator and share best practices.


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