CHECK | Capsules featured in topical ‘medical crusade’ video not manufactured or sold in India

None of the medicines featured in the ‘Medical Jihad’ video are sold or manufactured in India.

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Neither Esolal 20 mg nor Enterophil 200 mg are manufactured or marketed in India.


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Neither Esolal 20 mg nor Enterophil 200 mg are manufactured or marketed in India.

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A video has been shared on social media showing the removal of nails from two different capsule cases.

What do users claim?: The video reads, “Be careful, a new form of jihad has begun. Its name is ‘medicine jihad.’ Be sure to check the capsules before purchasing. Watch this video.” Shared with text.

An archive of this post can be found here.

This video went viral in 2021 with the same claim.

The Quint We have received multiple inquiries about this video on our WhatsApp tip line and emails.

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but…? : It turned out that the drugs in the video were named Esoral 20 mg and Enterofuril 200 mg.

  • None of these medicines are manufactured or marketed in India.

  • Esolal 20 mg is manufactured and marketed in Pakistan and Bangladesh, while Enterofuril 200 mg is manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How did you find out?: We realized that the video was a combination of two clips showing different drugs.

Clip 1

I noticed a box of blue capsules in the video.

The name of the drug is Esoral.

  • We used its name as a keyword to find out more about this viral clip.

  • This led to a sharper version of the video being published on YouTube.

  • The back of the pack indicated that the drug was manufactured by the city’s pharmaceutical laboratory and listed a location of Karachi.

This strip was manufactured in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • I looked up the company name and found that it is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

City Pharmaceutical Laboratories is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Is it available in India?: A keyword search on Google for the manufacturer of this drug turned up a Bangladeshi company called Eskaef Pharmaceuticals Limited, whose website listed the product.

The company has a manufacturing base in Bangladesh.

  • Our search found no evidence that Eskayef Pharmaceuticals’ Esoral 20 mg was manufactured or marketed in India.

  • We also found no credible reports that the drug contained nails.

  • However, we were unable to track down the source of the video.

clip 2

I searched for a clearer version of the second clip using relevant keywords.

  • I found a YouTube short video published in February 2021. In it were displayed names in Cyrillic letters.

  • About Translating Medicine Names Using Google Lens. Translated the name from Belarusian as “Enterofuril 200 mg”.

The drug name was translated as “Enterofuril 200 mg”.


Where is this medicine made?: A Google search revealed that the drug was called enterofuril and was manufactured by a company called Bosnalijek.

The company is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can I get Enterofrill in India?: no. Bosnaliek does not market or manufacture any of its own medicines in India.

  • A search for the company’s presence in India yielded no results.

  • As with previous drugs, nowhere did I find any credible reports or evidence that nails were found in capsules of enterofuril.

Conclusion: I couldn’t find the source for this video, but it turns out that both medicines are neither manufactured nor sold in India. Therefore, there is no evidence to support that people are being targeted in a “medical crusade” in India.

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