Chargers’ Justin Herbert takes big step in recovery from shoulder surgery

The LA Chargers had one of the most injured teams in the entire NFL last season and still managed to make the playoffs. In addition to several key players missing many games, Chargers QB Justin Herbert was also plagued with injuries of his own.

Herbert broke his rib cartilage in Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs and is expected to take two months to fully heal. Herbert also suffered a labrum injury to his left shoulder, which was covered up until he underwent surgery shortly after the season ended.

It wasn’t the pitching shoulder that underwent surgery, and Herbert was expected to be ready for training camp in August. However, in the case of the Chargers, we will never know how accurate the injury information and timeline will be.

Thankfully, Herbert appears to be fully prepared for training camp. Herbert is already throwing a football at the Chargers’ training Monday, three months before training camp is actually ready to start.

This is exactly what every Chargers fan wanted to see. The fact that Herbert is already throwing the ball means his recovery is going according to plan and should not interfere with the 2023 season at all. Sure, he still needs plenty of time before he’s tackled, but the Chargers still have plenty of time into Week 1 of the 2023 season.

Herbert had another great season in 2022, but it was definitely a downer by his standards. Given the fact that he was dealing with two separate injuries, it’s not surprising. That injury could actually hinder someone’s ability to take a hit and stay in the pocket for that extra second.

With those injuries overcome and a new offensive coordinator at the helm, 2023 could well see Herbert have the best season of his young career so far.

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