Chairman Smith Opening Remarks: Why Healthcare Is Out of Affordability: The Impact of Democratic Inflation on Patients and Small Businesses

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“Chairman Buchanan, Ranking Member Doggett – I am pleased to join you in convening this first hearing of the Health Subcommittee at 118th meeting. It’s also the first step in a new effort to address America’s high healthcare costs.

“Chairman Buchanan, I thank you for your leadership. We can promote policies that can reduce emissions.

“High health care costs are a painful reality for many Americans. We’ve heard that the cost of providing incentives is increasing, and health insurance is one of its key benefits, but unfortunately, the cost is steadily increasing.

“In one survey, 91% of small business owners rate health care costs as a top priority.

“Rising health care costs have been a challenge for many years, but we know today’s rising inflation is also driving up costs. Healthcare costs are increasing by 15%, making it difficult for independent providers to open their doors and treat patients.

“We need a solution that gives patients and small business owners more choice and flexibility.

“In today’s hearings and in future hearings, including field hearings, we will see the many factors that are driving the affordability of healthcare and the lack of affordability to maintain lighting in hospitals and clinics. Find out what can be done to extend care to communities where there are closures.

“But the cost of care depends on the actual availability of care to families. increase.

“We will listen to the voices of the American people—the workers, families, farmers, and job creators we meet at field hearings across the country.

“Through that effort, we will identify problems and solutions that we hope will become a bipartisan effort to address rising healthcare costs and improve access and quality of care available to all American families. To do.”

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