Cervical fastening surgery during pregnancy helped Pfluegerville baby survive

Mother’s Day this year has a few surprises in store for first-time mother Lucero “Luci” Hanson.

“Gifts are thought out,” said husband Philip Hanson. 30. “No details yet.”

Lucy Hanson’s greatest gift and greatest surprise is her daughter Violet.

“It’s been great. She makes me feel so complete and complete,” said her mother, Lucy Hanson.

Lucy Hanson, 28, is grateful for every day she spends with Violet.

Violet was born on November 18 at 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant after Lucy Hanson underwent emergency surgery at 20 weeks’ gestation to keep Violet in the womb as long as possible.

The Hanson family was lucky. During an anatomical ultrasound when Lucy was 20 weeks pregnant, her technician and obstetrician discovered a problem with her cervix. Her cervix had no detectable length.

Lucy Hanson holds daughter Violet in her Pfluegerville backyard. On her Mother's Day this year, her mother thanked the doctors who performed surgery to give Lucy a little more time to give birth to her daughter due to complications with her cervix. ing.

A shortened cervix, the tissue that connects the uterus to the vagina, makes it more difficult to deliver a baby to term. Cervical length measurement is often not part of the screening process unless the mother has a history of premature birth.

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