Cardiac surgery continues to improve after critical review at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital

After concerns were raised in the 2021 review, Morrison Hospital in Swansea continues to improve heart surgery, health officials said. The Swansea Bay University Health Board took immediate action at that time and then further action.

The Cardiac Surgery Department is currently performing better than the national average on many specific indicators. However, one metric, postoperative mortality, was slightly higher than average, which could be explained by the unit’s higher rate of emergencies compared to planned surgeries, said Executive Medical. Director Richard Evans said.

A 2021 review of cardiac surgery found higher-than-expected mortality in a type of surgery called mitral valve surgery, higher rates of follow-up cardiac surgery due to hemorrhage and other causes, and infections in deep sternal wounds. high rates and high mortality after cardiac surgery. Surgical neuropathy and renal dysfunction.

In response, the Health Board ensured that only mitral valve specialist surgeons would perform this type of operation, and that more general operations would be performed only by consultants for the time being. Speaking in 2021, Dr. Evans took issue with the finding of infection in deep sternal wounds and said he felt the actual infection rate on this ward was lower.

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The Health Commission also consulted the Royal Society of Surgeons (RCS) to review the records of all patients who died after mitral valve surgery. An overall review of cardiac surgery services was also conducted.

The latest indicators show that the unit has a rate of deep sternum wounds three times lower than the national average, and a rate of postoperative neurological dysfunction almost two times lower. And the percentage of patients who have to return to the operating room to deal with bleeding problems is four times lower than the national average. “In the last 12 months he’s had 11 and zero returns to theaters,” Dr. Evans said.

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