Candace Cameron Bure denies lying about her fast food diet

Candace Cameron Bure poses with her son.
Courtesy of Candice Cameron Bure

  • Candace Cameron Bure claims In-N-Out is the only fast food she’s eaten in 20 years.
  • “I just ordered an iced tea,” her rep told Insider Bure during a trip to Chick Fira with her son in 2012.
  • Skeptics on the Internet thought Chick-Filay’s photo was proof that the “Full House” star had lied.

Candace Cameron Bure claims she hasn’t eaten fast food other than the West Coast chain In-N-Out Burger in 20 years, despite a 2012 photo of Candace and Cameron Bure. has set a bona fide record for his fast food eating habits. One of two sons with Chick-fil-A.

In an emailed statement to insiders, a representative for Bure said internet detectives who thought they unearthed evidence that she was lying were wrong.

“Candace told me she drove her son to Chick-fil-A to buy food. She only ordered an iced tea for herself. Candace only has a cup. ,” the rep said in an emailed statement, also referring to stories circulating online. Her lies are “false” and “absurd”.

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Buzzfeed and Page Six captured a recent Instagram story in which Bure wrote that he hadn’t eaten fast food other than an In-N-Out burger in 20 years.

“There are days when I wonder what it’s like to have a hamburger and fries from places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. that I’ve never had,” she wrote, adding in a follow-up post that she’s never eaten Taco Bell either. rice field. .

“I have no regrets. You can’t convince me otherwise,” she concluded.

Then Internet Detective Found a now-deleted Instagram post from 2012, features a photo of the “Full House” star stating that she recently went to Chick-fil-A with her son. “We love chicken!” she also wrote in the caption. Shared on Twitter.

Bure visits “Home & Family” on the Hallmark Channel.
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Mr. Bure has made headlines in other, more serious controversies over the past year.

In July 2022, dancer and social media star Jojo Siwa posted a TikTok suggesting Bure was the most “rude” celebrity he’d ever met, but it was later deleted. In the ensuing commotion, the two celebrities shared different memories of meeting on the red carpet at the premiere of Fuller House in 2016, when Siwa was probably about 12 years old at the time.

And in November 2022, Bure told The Wall Street Journal he thought his new network, The Great American Family, would stick to telling stories about “traditional marriages.” He made headlines again after hinting that the TV movie would not feature an LGBTQ love story. .

Mr. BourĂ© was publicly criticized by many celebrities for his comments, including Siwa, who said he would not speak to Mr. BourĂ© “never again” in the wake of his xenophobic remarks. .

A few months later, Bure shared her thoughts on “cancel culture” on a February 2023 episode of the Unapologetic podcast, hosted by Julia Jeffress Sadler.

Asked by Sadler for advice to young people who are afraid to speak out about their Christian beliefs for fear of being “persecuted,” the “Fuller House” star said, “No matter what, it’s hard. “Especially with people who are compassionate and have their own beliefs.” A heart that cares about people. ”

“But it’s important that we speak truth but with love,” she continued. Bure added that people tend not to listen to others when they share their beliefs but are “mad”. “But it’s important not to back down,” she said.

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