Cancer Research Day Celebrates Scientific Advances

MU School of Medicine and Ellis Fishel Cancer Center hosted Cancer Research Day on May 9th, highlighting recent research advances and attracting a record 259 attendees.

The event was highlighted by 78 presentations by MU faculty, staff and trainees on original research focused on one thing: shaping the future of cancer care.

Dr. Richard Barone, Executive Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine, commended everyone for their work in the morning address of the event.

“We are fighting a fierce enemy,” Barone said. “But I am energized by talented researchers, new technologies and recently formed research collaborations that I believe will make a big difference in this battle.”

Gerhard Hildebrand, M.D., director of the Ellis Fischer Cancer Center, said: “Through scientific discovery, we will advance cancer prevention and care for all people, especially Missourians.” emphasized mission. These discoveries, whether advancing science, engaging the community, or improving patient care, are all essential to the ultimate goal of cancer research.

“It is important to bring together interdisciplinary trainees and faculty members from both clinical care and translational sciences to identify and optimize strategies to eradicate cancer together,” Hildebrandt said. said Mr.

Presentations by visiting speakers focused on all aspects of cancer care, from innovative ways of diagnosing and treating cancer to building strong, inclusive and trustworthy community support programs. Other speakers shared their research findings and spoke about the importance of intersectionality in cancer research, whether in art or veterinary medicine.

The School of Medicine and the Ellis Fishel Cancer Center also celebrated their partnership with the University of Washington and the Saitmann Cancer Center in St. Louis. Saitman Cancer Center Director Timothy Everline, M.D., Ph.D., spoke about funding opportunities for her research, cancer statistics, and common paths forward.

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