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Last week, the Delaware County Health Department conducted food safety inspections of licensed establishments that had been found to be in violation.

Di Bruno Bros., 385 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne:

• Prepackaged foods (Fiore Gelato) where the manufacturer, packer, or distributor’s place of business is not properly labeled. We cannot verify that food is not from an approved source.

• Disinfectant work containers (spray bottles) not properly labeled.

• Prepackaged baked goods and Fiore Gelato are not properly labeled.

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, 549 Wilmington Pike, Glen Mills:

• An employee’s personal belongings were found in the cooking area.

• Exterior doors leading to the outdoors are held open to allow vermin entry.

• It was observed that scoop handles in use were not properly stored in bar ice holders or dry storage containers.

Blue Elephant Restaurant, 110 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne:

• Quaternary ammonium sanitizers measured 0 ppm in three compartment sinks. Keep the concentration between 150 ppm and 400 ppm as indicated on the manufacturer’s label. Employees utilized clean, sanitize and rinse rather than clean, rinse and sanitize procedures.

• Raw fish and animal proteins are stored in oxygen-reduced packaging.

• Improperly stored utensils in use with handles in contact with food.

• Preset crockery is not protected from contamination.

In a food inspection reported through the State Department of Agriculture, Tinicum Township found frost buildup in the freezer of the Clarion Hotel at 76 Industrial Highway in Essington.

It is unclear if Clarion holds a liquor license. The state website does not explain the distinction.

The county conducted just six tests last week. Recently, their numbers have been declining. There were violations at 3 of them.

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