Bromsgrove’s father seeks more help with stuttering treatment

  • by Tom Edwards
  • BBC Hereford & Worcester

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John Hubbard was once known as Sean because he had trouble saying his name

One man called for more efforts to help people living with stuttering.

Bromsgrove resident John Hubbard, 44, said he has stuttered for more than 30 years and has “overshadowed” all aspects of his life.

Tasks such as shopping and calling a doctor’s operating room appointment often prove difficult, he said.

Stuttering is repeating, prolonging, or stuttering when trying to say sounds or words.

Mr. Hubbard, who works in the IT industry, first discovered the condition when he was nine years old, reading to his class at school.

At one point he had trouble saying his name correctly, so he was known as Sean instead of John.

He said, “I couldn’t name myself, but Sean had a similar sounding word, so I decided to use it. But that’s the limit.”

The breaking point came one day when I couldn’t say my daughters’ names when picking them up from elementary school.

“It was very demeaning,” he told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

“Instead of hiding, I had to find the courage to do something different.”

According to the NHS, 1 in 12 young children experience a stage of stuttering. It is estimated that 2 of her 3 of her children will be able to speak fluently, but 1 of her 50 of her adults will have this condition.

“People who wear glasses can see that they are nearsighted, but people with hearing aids can see that they are deaf, but their language is different,” he said.

There is currently a reported shortage of an estimated 20,000 speech-language pathologists nationwide.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust said: “Our Adult Speech Therapy service provides assessment and treatment for adults aged 16 and over who have difficulty communicating or swallowing.” Stated.

“We are based in clinics and community hospitals across two counties.”

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