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Some Israeli civil servants do not speak in their sleep. This is at least the testimony of the wife of Ze’ev Snir, a retired Brigadier General of the Israeli Air Force and, until recently, Executive Director of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, one of the Israeli government’s most sensitive security and diplomatic arms. As with most senior appointments over the past decade, Sunil was appointed to the role by current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015.

After 49 years of service to the country, Snir decided to speak outOf course, he’s not the first, and in fact there are a stream of former Netanyahu appointees, including a former attorney general, who have expressed deep concerns about the content and form of the judicial reforms the current government is pursuing. Former IDF chief of staff, head of Shinbet and Mossad.

But in an open letter to the prime minister, along with an in-depth interview he gave to Nadav Eyal at Idiot Aharonot earlier this month, Sunil explained how the ongoing changes will lead to the most strategic defenses against our most important enemies. I explained clearly how it would affect me.

What is Sunil?

One of the subtexts of the current political crisis in Israel is the apparent conflict between the Ashkenazi privileged elite, who cling to the last bastion of power, the Supreme Court, on the one hand, and those in power, on the other. It’s a struggle. For decades, Mizrahim, settlers, haredim, and surrounding people have been the main targets of the courts. This is classic identity politics, and Sunil takes this very personally. Because he knows that by speaking out, he will likely be quickly classified into the left-leaning privileged elite and told to go to hell by some Israeli ministers.

But in the letter, he makes a point of letting us know his background: Snir’s parents were Holocaust survivors who left Aaliyah penniless from Romania in 1950. I lived in tented cities with other immigrants from Morocco and Iraq. His parents asked for nothing and received nothing, but worked all day to ensure that Zeev and his younger brother had an education.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Israel Atomic Energy Commission incoming Chairman Moshe Edli (Credit: CHAIM TZACH/GPO)

Sunil is completely part of the elite, but built on the sweat of his parents who instilled in him the deepest possible patriotism for Israel and its people. Not surprisingly, Snir’s son is also a senior IAF officer.

USA is our strategic partner

The importance Sunil places on diplomatic and security relations with the United States cannot be underestimated. “Israel’s military and security capabilities are clearly dependent on the Americans, on two counts,” Snir said. “First, for the supply of military equipment, the supply of technology, access to the American market, and second, for their political and diplomatic defense.”

“Israel’s military and security capabilities clearly depend on the Americans.”

Zeev Sunir

As head of Israel’s nuclear diplomacy (reporting only to the prime minister), he said that without America’s diplomatic and security shield, our strategic position would be degraded and it would become an existential problem. clarifies. In interviews, he emphasized the direct link between our status as a strong democracy with independent government and legal institutions and the important strategic relationship we enjoy with the United States. I’ve been repeating how I see these connections over and over again.

The Iranian Threat and Netanyahu’s Real Priorities

In the letter, he points out: “The Iranians are pushing ahead with their nuclear program and we are using the ‘gift law’ (which allows Netanyahu to raise funds for his legal defense).” The Iranians are busy buying Su-35 fighters from Russia and the Deli Act II (allowing Deli to serve as minister despite recent convictions). Iran is renewing its ties with Saudi Arabia and has been busy with a “suspension law” (to block attempts to suspend the prime minister for legal reasons).

Sunil makes it clear that Netanyahu, as prime minister, bears ultimate responsibility for the current national turmoil. He accuses him of ignoring the priorities he set for himself at the new government’s first ministerial meeting: “Iran, internal security, the cost of living and the expansion of the circle of peace.” There is no mention of legal reform.

At the end of the interview, Sunil repeats his letter to Netanyahu. I was born here and will die here. ”

Ze’ev Snir represents most of what is good about Israel. The product of immigrants who arrived with nothing as Holocaust survivors. A talented engineer who dedicated his entire adult life to the defense of Israel, using his talents in the most sensitive strategic areas of our security and diplomacy.

He can memorize Jabotinski and voted for Begin in 1977, but while he doesn’t consider himself particularly political, he’s a strong advocate of Netanyahu’s leadership and the direction he’s headed for Israel. Concerned about the edge of the ditch, very concerned.

These are important weeks for Israel, and I hope that at least our Prime Minister will read and act on Sunil’s heartfelt cry.

The author is a founding partner of GoldRock Capital and founder of the Jewish and Zionist Institute. He is the founding chairman of his Coalition for Haredi Employment and former chairman of Gesher and World Bnei Akiva.

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