Boston Medical Center Named Top 25 U.S. Hospitals for Environmental Excellence for Greenhealth Practices

Boston – Recognizing achievements and innovations in environmental sustainability, Boston Medical Center was named one of the top 25 Green Hospitals in the United States by Practice Green Health, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to environmental sustainability in healthcare. Selected as one of the hospitals.

Practice Greenhealth’s highest honor, the Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award, is presented annually to honor healthcare’s highest achievements in sustainability, and award-winning facilities develop and achieve successful sustainability programs in a variety of areas. I have it. BMC also won the “Greening the OR Recognition Award” for improving the environmental performance of its operating rooms.

“We know that good medical care alone is not enough for patients to thrive. Patients also need to live in healthy communities,” said senior facility and support services at Boston Medical Center. Vice President Robert Biggio said. “Our patient population is disproportionately impacted by climate change, so we aim to integrate efforts to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint into all our activities, including future planning for our facilities. I have.”

Boston Medical Center’s sustainability efforts save the hospital more than $10 million annually in energy bills and invested in patient care. Recognized for our commitment to sustainability, BMC was invited to the White House last year and is one of 650 hospitals nationwide to join the Biden administration’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030. It’s becoming

Through a series of initiatives, including a major campus redesign, a solar purchase agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the installation of a cogeneration plant on the hospital’s rooftop, BMC has been reducing carbon emissions from energy consumption since 2011. We have reduced our volume by 91%.

Last fall, BMC opened the Brockton Center for Behavioral Health in Brockton, Massachusetts. The center has been carbon net zero in terms of carbon emissions from energy since day one. BMC also sold his $232 million bond earlier this year, making it the first nonprofit medical organization in the nation to issue sustainability bonds. This reflects the hospital’s commitment to carbon reduction and health equity for its patient population.

BMC operates a 2,658-square-foot rooftop farm on the roof of the power plant building, growing more than 25 crops. The farm not only provides fresh, local produce to patients, cafeterias, educational kitchens and preventive food pantries, it is also part of BMC’s commitment to going green. Farms reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint, increase green space and reduce energy. Usage, including the energy required to transport food.

“At BMC, we know that the health of our hospitals means the health of our communities, so we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint,” said David Maffeo, senior director of support services at Boston Medical Center. says. “We understand that sustainability is essential to better care for our patients, our communities and our planet. We are working on further efforts.”

“In a changing healthcare landscape, a focus on sustainability helps build resilience while better protecting the health of patients and communities,” said Gary Cohen, founder of Practice Greenhealth. says. “Boston Medical Center demonstrates leadership, innovation and performance that can drive the entire health sector toward greener practices.”

About Practice Green Health

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About Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center models a new kind of medical excellence, where innovative, equitable care fosters the growth of all patients. We combine world-class clinicians, cutting-edge therapies, and advanced technology with compassionate, high-quality care that goes beyond the walls. As an award-winning leader in health equity, our diverse clinicians and staff question racial disparities in care and partner with communities to eliminate systemic inequalities. And, as a national leader in research and an educational affiliate of Boston University’s Chovanian and Avedisian College of Medicine, we are driving the future of care.

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