Boston doctors perform groundbreaking brain surgery on baby still in womb

A team of doctors at Boston-Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital performed a landmark operation on a baby still in the womb. Notable brain surgery was recently performed for the first time in the United States.

Derek and Kenyatta Coleman are from Louisiana. Their pregnancies were normal until doctors noticed an abnormality on her 30-week ultrasound. At that time, I had to choose whether or not to have treatment before the baby was born.

Baby Denver was growing normally inside her mother’s body, but on a routine ultrasound, doctors discovered she had Galen’s malformed veins, a rare vascular abnormality in the brain. Many babies with this condition develop heart failure and brain damage and often do not survive. In fact, Denver’s heart was struggling and the deformity had become dangerously large.

So, at 34 weeks’ gestation, the Boston Children’s and Brigham team used ultrasound guidance, a needle similar to those used for amniocentesis, and a small coil placed directly into her uterus to determine if she was still in the uterus. I was able to repair her deformity while in It enters abnormal blood vessels and stops blood flow.

The left side of this image shows the large vessel and the right side of the image is after repair.

The image on the left is a baby’s brain before surgery, and the image on the right is a baby’s brain after surgery.

Boston Children’s Hospital

And this is the brain at 26 days old.

The brain of a 26-day-old baby.

Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Darren Orbach, a doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital, told WBZ-TV about the complex procedure he underwent.

“The best part was when she was born. We just saw her doing well in the NICU and we were looking at each other and pinching ourselves,” Orbach said. Told. “These babies don’t see that, so I didn’t know when to celebrate, so it was a moment where I knew everything was going to be great.”

A Denver mom and dad say all the stars came together to save their little girl.

Derek, Kenyatta, Denver Coleman

CBS Boston

Kenyatta Coleman said, “Derek and I are deeply rooted in our faith and prayed fervently for this.” God used an unborn girl to perform miracles in public, and she left her mark on the world.”

It’s been seven weeks since the surgery and mom and baby are doing very well. The couple will be forever grateful to the medical team for taking care of them here in Boston, but they are moving to Louisiana with their three other children. I’m happy to be back.

This procedure was part of an FDA-approved clinical trial.

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