Boston Children’s Hospital Establishes First Addiction Medicine Unit to Address Substance Use in Children and Adolescents

Boston Children’s Hospital launched the first addiction medicine department in a children’s facility, emphasizing the importance of addressing drug use in children and adolescents, providing interdisciplinary care for adolescents striving for recovery.

For more than 20 years, Boston Children’s has led an increasingly important effort to identify, diagnose and treat drug use problems and disorders in adolescents and young adults. Moving the field forward to provide patients and families with the best possible support has always been a top priority.

By establishing the first addiction medicine department in a children’s hospital, Children’s Hospital of Boston will ensure that the developing brain is highly resilient and reduces the risks of substance use disorders and other substance use while treatment outcomes are best. We invest in prevention and early intervention to address ”

Sharon Levy, M.D., MPH, Director of Addiction Treatment

Our nation faces epidemic levels of substance use disorders and overdose deaths, and these problems are rooted in childhood and adolescence. Through an unparalleled combination of clinical care, research, training and advocacy, the new Department of Addiction Medicine will lead all aspects of our efforts, advance research and provide more resources for patients and families. .

“The dramatic increase in families seeking clinical services, the urgent need for research breakthroughs, and our commitment to securing the future of this field through education are critical,” said Kevin B. Churchwell of the Boston Children’s Center. To respond, our efforts in addiction care must continue to grow.” Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “It is clear that all these efforts need to be recognized as the work of the department. .”


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