Baylor College of Medicine Receives $30 Million Lead Gift for Bold Expansion Plan

The Lily and Roy Cullen Tower will enhance Baylor’s curriculum with state-of-the-art teaching spaces that include small group and studio classrooms designed to foster active learning. High-capacity, high-tech theater-style event space. And there are state-of-the-art anatomy labs, educational labs, and simulation centers that provide immersive, hands-on learning before students undergo clinical rotations. In addition, the innovative research space will focus on big data analytics, which are essential to scientific progress. SLAM Principal and Principal Project Architect Bob Prito said the future-proof design of classrooms and hospital simulation rooms, combined with social learning spaces such as courtyards, will help the next generation of healthcare leaders acquire knowledge, skills, and knowledge. You said you were open to exchanging ideas. .

The Cullen family’s support for the new building continues the tradition of enhancing teaching, research and patient care at Baylor, one of the nation’s top medical training facilities. They are joined by other key historic partners, including the MD Anderson Foundation, whose recent building efforts brought Baylor to the milestone of $100 million in Cullen Tower’s fundraising goal. In the 1940s, Lily and Roy Cullen and the MD Anderson Foundation helped found the Texas Medical Center, bringing Baylor to Houston and building it into Baylor’s first permanent educational facility, the Roy and Lily Cullen Building. provided funding. The Roy and Lily Cullen Building is a registered Texas Historic Landmark. in 2015.

“Bailor is where he is today because of his philanthropic work,” Crotman said. “The Cullen family, the MD Anderson Foundation, and the Albert & Margaret Alkek Foundation are some of the most dedicated advocates of the city of Baylor, helping the city develop generations of leading health science professionals. It is only natural that history will repeat itself with the support of this state-of-the-art educational facility.”

“The work of the Cullen Foundation is focused on improving the quality of life for everyone in Houston,” said Beth Robertson, Chairman of the Cullen Foundation Board. “Investing in education and healthcare is a key component of that mission.

“My grandparents’ bold vision to serve Houston was to help build the world’s largest medical center. I keep going,” said the former Corbyn Robertson Jr. Chairman of the Baylor College of Medicine Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Cullen Trust for Higher Education. “That’s why our family has supported Baylor for five generations.”

New Cullen Tower and Health Science Park effects establish Houston as a leader in life sciences and a pioneer in partnering with businesses to integrate research and clinical assets to revolutionize healthcare helps. Baylor continues to lead Texas Medical Center and Houston toward a stronger, healthier future.

“This is a great time for Baylor,” said David Baldwin, chairman of the Baylor School of Medicine Board of Trustees. “Our science has never been more important to the world, and we are really getting divided on facilities. We look forward to seeing how this new facility ushers in a new era of modern medical education and innovation.”

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