Baltimore Police Tracking, Attorney General’s Office Investigating Crash That Killed 74-Year-Old Woman – Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Attorney General’s Office is investigating the death of a 74-year-old woman in the passenger seat of a car in northern Baltimore Saturday night.

The woman was unidentified but was pronounced dead at the scene. The Attorney General’s Independent Investigative Division, which investigates fatal encounters with police in Maryland, typically releases the identities of the deceased and the officers involved within 48 hours.

baltimore Officers tried to pull the vehicle around 11:50 p.m. Saturday, police said. On the 1000th block of West North Avenue in Reservoir Hill as a vehicle was arranged in connection with the Westminster robbery. Police say he drove a car and fled.

The driver eventually lost control and struck a parked car before hitting a tree on the 5000 block of Roland Avenue in Roland Park, the attorney general’s office said in a news release.

The police took the driver to the hospital and saved his life. The arrested driver has been charged, police said.

Baltimore Police Crash Team and Westminster Police Department are also investigating the crash.

Officers involved in the chase wore body cameras, according to the Attorney General’s Office. The Attorney General’s Office typically releases footage within 14 days of an encounter with police.The Baltimore Police cruiser does not have a dashboard camera on her.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact a Crash Team investigator at 410-396-2606. Those who wish to provide information anonymously can call Metro Crime Stoppers’ information line at 1-866-7LOCKUP or visit her website for Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland to text them.

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