Award ceremony to recognize excellent staff

Friday, May 12, 2023

Willie Reed, Dean of the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, recognized outstanding staff at an awards ceremony held last Friday, May 5, at 1136 Lynn. These are the members who will receive the Distinguished Staff Award and the Bravo Award this afternoon,” Dean Reid said at the beginning of the programme. “It is an important tradition of our university to formally recognize the significant achievements of these people.”

First, the Dean presented the 2023 Outstanding Staff Award and Outstanding Researcher Award. The Distinguished Staff Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of non-faculty full-time staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine. “High-performing staff are critical to an organization’s success and often work behind the scenes, behind the scenes,” said Dean Reed. “With their drive to get things done, knack for getting things done, and friendly demeanor that inspires energy and enthusiasm, these unsung heroes contribute to a positive and productive work environment.”

Dean Reid noted that the award consists of a plaque and a $1,000 cash gift, and the 2023 Distinguished Staff Award winner is Jolene Knuth, anesthesiologist supervisor at Purdue University Animal Hospital. announced that he was Mr. She was recognized for her outstanding service to the University’s students, staff, faculty and other stakeholders.

Jolene was praised for being a team player who goes above and beyond her professional responsibilities and always helps others. “You guys are so committed to the internal affairs of our hospital. You can see they’re on duty, maintenance of equipment, etc.,” Reed said. “The nominators resonated with each other that you were a vital and dependable member of the team, and that you were always dedicated, proactive, and had a positive attitude.” The inscription on the plaque was read out, recognizing Jolene’s years of outstanding dedication and service to the patients, students, staff and faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as her exceptional work ethic and excellence in anesthesia care. For her leadership and her commitment to developing the skills of anesthesia staff.

Kathy with graduate students and Dr. Paul Robinson after the ceremony
Kathy Ragheb, laboratory technician in the Department of Basic Medicine, received the 2023 Distinguished Research Staff Award for her work in the flow cytometry laboratory led by Dr. J. Paul Robinson.

Dean Reed then announced the winners of the PVM Distinguished Research Staff Award, stating that non-faculty research staff play a vital role in the university’s discovery mission and are integral to their respective units and laboratories. said. This year’s winner is Kathy Ragheb, Laboratory Technologist in the Department of Basic Medicine. “Kathy is recognized for her performance above and beyond her mandate, her selfless dedication to research program development and growth, and her excellence in research initiative, collaboration and personal development,” said Dean Reid. said in a sentence. Award.

For over 30 years, Cathy has been a university flow cytometry operator. “During that time, she operated over 20 different cytometers of hers and became very highly skilled in the role,” said Dean Reed, author of 17 peer-reviewed publications. , and pointed out that this is a very important number for technical staff. “Thanks to Cathy’s dedication, our flow cytometry laboratory has become one of the most recognized laboratories in the world. It is a valuable educational resource, and the labs are accordingly equipped with advanced demonstration equipment.” Dean Reed also noted that Kathy works with about 20 faculty members across campus, and has flow sites. He said that the Metley Lab has the distinction of being the only unit on campus with this technology. Dean Reed then read the inscription on the shield. It includes Kathy’s excellence in her research work, commitment to clinical research, her contribution to her discoveries in the School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as Kathy’s invaluable contribution to the teaching of students of all skill levels, and her colleague awareness, work ethic.

Bravo Award winners holding their certificates for a group photo
Congratulations to our Spring 2023 Bravo Award winners!

The awards ceremony also included the presentation of several Bravo Awards, which recognize employees who have achieved significant achievements well beyond their normal duties. This award is given for achievement or contribution to a tangible or measurable goal and employees do not receive any other honors, awards or rewards.

Winners will be recognized in one of four categories:

  • advance the university – Achievements or contributions that transform or advance the goals of the University.
  • innovation and creativity – Innovative work or proposals that go well beyond standard job requirements to significantly improve operational efficiency or introduce new or improved processes.
  • operational excellence – Extraordinary efforts when critical departments are required. and,
  • financial management – Achieving significant cost savings or cost avoidance beyond what is normally expected or established standards.

Bravo Award winners will receive a certificate and $500 cash prize.

Congratulations to the following Bravo Award winners.

  • crystal bradfordSenior Administrative Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Comparative Pathology and was awarded for Operational Excellence.
  • Amy Fridlund, an infection control specialist at Purdue University Animal Hospital. In his previous position as a teaching technician in the Department of Comparative Pathology, he was recognized for his excellent administration and advancement of the university.
  • Melanie Prausea Senior Technician in the Institute of Clinical Pathology and an award winner for Operational Excellence.
  • Jennifer Ashley, Manager of Veterinary Skills and Competencies. Operational He was recognized for his excellence, innovation and creativity.
  • Scott Fix, Facility Manager, winner of the Operational Excellence Award.and
  • Tressa Bowmanwas an administrative assistant in the Faculty of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and was recognized for Operational Excellence.

In addition, Dean Reed announced the Group Bravo Award, which recognizes members of a veterinary hospital’s anesthesiology veterinary nurse team. “This talented team has truly delivered during our transition to the new hospitals that make up the David and Bonnie Brunner Purdue Veterinary Hospital Complex,” said Dean Reid. He introduced the winners. Olivia Bushman, Olivia Kuhn, Alena Eppern, Elisa Hostetler, Jolene Knuth, Chloe Morris. “Currently, they serve four different buildings: the Lynn Hall Small Animal Hospital Facility, the Brunner Small Animal Hospital, the Equine Hospital, and the Animal Hospital. They have overcome the challenges associated with a significantly expanded hospital space by acting as backups for each other.As talented individuals and as a team, they continue to provide excellent patient care while continuing to provide DVM and veterinary medicine. I continue to mentor nursing students.”

In keeping with the beloved Bravo Awards tradition, after each Bravo Award was presented, Dean Reid called on the audience to shout “Bravo!” to the recipient.

Another element of the awards ceremony included recognition of staff who had recently completed an online certification program for diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine. congratulations:

After the ceremony, the winners and attendees reunited at the Veterinary Library for a reception.

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