Augusta University Georgia Medical College Opens New Four-Year Campus at Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus in Savannah

Medical Profession Academic Building at Armstrong Campus in Savannah
Medical Profession Academic Building at Armstrong Campus in Savannah

Georgia’s only public medical college has received funding approval to open a new four-year campus in Savannah. The expansion will improve access to education and training for medical students and alleviate the state’s growing shortage of doctors.

The new campus of the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University will admit its first students to Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong campus by the fall of 2024, but the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (U.S. medical school’s accreditation body) approval. USA and Canada. The campus is located within the existing Armstrong Center and Health Professions Academic Building at Waters College of Health Professions in Georgia Southern.

Located just down the street from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, the campus will be MCG’s third four-year campus in Georgia. MCG’s educational experience is based at his main campus in Augusta and has one more of his four-year campuses in Athens in partnership with the University of Georgia.

“Georgia ranks 40th in the nation for both active physicians and primary care physicians,” said Georgia House Speaker John Burns. “Georgians experience this reality every day. With increased opportunities within the University of Georgia system, the Augusta University of Georgia Medical School will be able to educate and train more students, helping communities to access better healthcare.” We can meet a clear need to be accessible.The state of Georgia needs more doctors and we are proud that we are making this investment for the future.”

The Board of Governors of the University System of Georgia (USG) on Tuesday approved $1.7 million for the renovation of Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus to help bring the new campus to life. The funding was passed by the Georgia legislature earlier this year and was included in the 2024 state budget signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on May 5.

“We thank Governor Kemp, Speaker Burns, Lt. “community,” said USG Prime Minister Sonny Perdue.

The four-year campus offers a full range of medical education, from basic science to clinical experience.

“This campus expansion is an important milestone for Augusta University and the Medical College of Georgia and the unwavering support we have received from Chairman Burns, Congressman Butch Parrish, Governor Kemp, the General Assembly and Prime Minister Purdue. It’s a testament to that,” said Dr. Brooks A. Kiel, president of Augusta University. “Through this collaboration, we will build a brighter future for healthcare in Georgia and fulfill our shared promise to produce more doctors in Georgia. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who have championed our vision, and their outstanding partnerships have provided our students with valuable clinical experience. We are strengthening our communities and improving access to quality healthcare in southeastern Georgia.”

Founded in 2011, MCG’s statewide education model focuses on clinical practice in every corner of the state, including the Southeast Campus based in St. Joseph’s/Candler in Savannah and the Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick. Students also study at the regional campus for two years. . Other regional campuses include the Albany-based Southwest Campus and Rome-based Northwest Campus.

“This partnership with Augusta University and the Medical College of Georgia demonstrates how the governor, legislators, the University of Georgia System and Georgia Southern University are working together to meet the growing needs of Southeast Georgia. Another example,” added Georgia Southern University. President Kyle Marrero. “These programs at the Savannah campus further build on Armstrong’s history as a leader in medical professional training, and complement our efforts to expand nursing education and develop future physician assistant programs. .”

Through this partnership, Georgia Southern University will provide approximately 23,000 square feet of teaching and research space at the Armstrong Center and the Medical Profession Academic Building at Waters College of Health Professions. This includes 10,000 square feet of dedicated student group workspace and faculty offices, and 13,000 square feet of shared anatomy lab and large classroom space. The renovation will include a new anatomy lab within the Health Profession Building, as well as minor renovations and new furniture, fixtures and equipment to student group workspaces and faculty offices.

The new campus will allow MCG to accept an additional 40 students per year, increasing the school’s class size, already one of the largest in the country, to 304 students per class.

“As the state’s only public medical school, it is our responsibility and commitment to produce more doctors in Georgia. It’s one of the ways to do that,” said MCG Dean David. Dr. Hess M.D. “This expansion would not have been possible without the support of Governor Kemp, the Georgia Legislature, the University of Georgia System, Augusta University President Brooks Kiel, and our colleagues at Georgia Southern University. We are also grateful for the unwavering support of the St. Joseph/Candler Health System, including Mr. Hinchy and Dr. Julia Mikel, Chief Medical Officer, MCG Alumni of 1976. St. Joseph/Candler doctors and staff have been with us for over 10 years. , which serves as the home of the Southeast Campus, is a premier educational partner providing a rich clinical experience for third and fourth year students, and I know that commitment extends to students on this new four-year campus. .”

“This is an important event not only for the future of healthcare in Georgia, but for Savannah and the region,” added Paul P. Hinchey, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s/Candler. “We have had a great relationship with MCG for over 10 years and our doctors have served as teachers and contributed to the instruction of third and fourth grade students at Savannah. Also serving as a long-standing clinical facility for campus nursing students, the creation of a four-year medical school campus in Savannah will strengthen the medical community throughout Savannah and southeastern Georgia I would like to thank Chairman Burns, Dr. Hess, and the University of Georgia System for making this wonderful vision a reality.”

“We are thrilled to help build a campus that continues MCG’s mission to educate the next generation of physicians,” said Elizabeth Gray, M.D., Associate Dean of MCG’s Southeast Campus, based in Savannah and Brunswick. Stated. “I am confident that Georgia Southern University will be an excellent educational partner and will continue to work with the leadership, physicians and staff of our longtime partner, St. We are excited to contribute to increasing the number of doctors in the region. Below.”

Story Courtesy: Augusta University.

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