Attorney General Phil Weiser Warns Consumers During Moving Season

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Attorney General Phil Weiser

As many Coloradoans take advantage of the warmer weather to clean up their homes and move to other parts of the state or country, Attorney General Phil Weiser is urging consumers to be aware of scams and scams related to moving. calling.

“Moving is already a hectic and stressful event, creating an easy opportunity for fraudsters to prey on consumers,” Weiser said. “I know people who asked for a better price and ended up paying a much higher price, and were very upset when they were cheated or mistreated. To avoid this, do your homework first and make sure you’re working with a trusted provider.”

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office received more than 110 complaints related to moving and moving companies in 2022. These complaints range from missing items or delayed deliveries to items being “held hostage” over unexpected payments.

Acting smart can protect your belongings and wallet. If you, family or friends are planning to move this year, here are some tips to help make the move go smoothly.

  • Once you have decided to move, start researching companies as soon as possible. Regular movers fill up quickly for spring and summer slots, so in addition to making sure you book your movers early, it also helps spot potential red flags.
  • Moving companies must meet certain criteria to operate in Colorado. For intrastate transfers, visit the Colorado Public Works Commission to see if the company you are considering has a current permit. When moving out of state, interstate moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and are required to provide information detailing your rights as a consumer.
  • Before hiring a moving company, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​to see if the moving company has any complaints. BBB also offers accreditation to companies, so you can only search for accredited moving companies. You can also search for complaints or actions taken by law enforcement on other review platforms.
  • We recommend that you consult with at least three different companies and have them provide written estimates of the cost of moving your home. Not only are quotes over the phone likely to be inaccurate, but fraudulent moving companies are very unlikely to provide quotes face-to-face. Also, keep in mind that the lowest quote may end up being a lower offer, which may end up costing you more.
  • If the company threatens to take your belongings hostage, contact your local police immediately.

If you believe you have been scammed, been scammed, or witnessed suspicious behavior by a moving company, please report it to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office at


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