Attorney General Josh Stein Proposes Public Safety Package

For immediate release:
Monday, May 1, 2023

Contact: Nazneen Ahmed

(Lory) Attorney General Josh Stein today proposed a comprehensive package to make North Carolina communities safer. The package includes measures to fight drugs, support law enforcement, protect children, test sexual assault kits, improve public safety and combat fraud.

“Protecting the people of this state must be our number one job,” said Attorney General Josh Stein. “I fight to protect people from violent crime, drugs and fraud, and I will always do my best to hold criminals to account.”

“North Carolinians want common-sense policies that respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping guns out of dangerous hands,” said Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue. rice field. “People need to know that Raleigh has people listening and fighting to get these protections into law.”

“One of our fundamental obligations to the people of North Carolina is to keep them safe,” said House Minority Leader Robert Lives. “Our caucuses have put forward a number of bills that do just that: red flag laws to keep guns out of the hands of those who harm themselves and others, the age at which certain weapons can be purchased. raising the age to 21, promoting school safety with more weapons, resources in the classroom, etc. These are popular policies that deserve to become law. We will continue to work to promote these ideas that are supported.”

“Together we can change this story,” said Ingram Bell, program manager for the Gate City Coalition’s Community Violence Prevention Program. “Together we can rid ourselves of this plague one at a time!”

“It’s our responsibility to make sure North Carolina’s people have the protection they need and feel safe wherever they go,” said Rep. Carolyn Logan. “And that there are adequate law enforcement agencies to protect them. That our law enforcement personnel are properly trained and equipped to perform their duties. It gives people peace of mind when members of the enforcement agency approach them.It is our mission to ensure that people can walk and drive their cars safely in bed at night without being hit by a street hijack. That’s why I introduced House Bill 429. This law was built and developed in partnership with local law enforcement to combat this crime.”

“From passing common sense gun safety reform to protecting our neighbors from fraud and identity theft, the General Assembly must do everything it can to keep North Carolinians safe,” said Sen. Jay Chowdhury. . “We are proud to partner with Attorney General Stein on this multi-faceted approach, and the North Carolinians are no less.”

Here, we describe Attorney General Stein’s proposals, including anti-drug strategies, efforts to recruit and retain law enforcement officers, and common-sense gun safety measures.

Attorney General Stein remains focused on public safety. Just last week, he announced plans to address the law enforcement shortage affecting agencies across the state. Learn more about. And last month, he opened a new space at the state crime lab to step up efforts to combat the fentanyl scourge. Learn more about that effort here.


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