Attorney General Bonta, Fresno Area Law Enforcement Announces 34 Arrests in ‘Severing Ties’ Operation | California – Department of Justice

Fresno — California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced today, along with federal, state and local law enforcement partners, that he had arrested 34 suspects and released 64 rounds of illegal weapons and illegal drugs, including fentanyl, as part of a multi-agency operation. announced the seizure of Targeting criminal street gangs in Fresno County. Operation “Broken Ties” took place yesterday, May 25, 2023, with street gang Vario Colonia implicated in an increase in violence, including murder and illegal firearms, in the Fresno area, especially in urban areas.・It targeted Parie Nortenos. of Reedley and Parlier. The group is also accused of threatening local law enforcement, including in 2022 when they set fire to a Paris police vehicle. The investigation was conducted by a special committee of the Fresno County Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium (MAGEC). Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. Federal Bureau of Investigation. US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California. Fresno County District Attorney’s Office; Fresno Police Department; California Highway Patrol. California Department of Justice Bureau of Investigation High Impact Investigative Team (HIIT).

“Today’s announcement is the result of a strong partnership by law enforcement to tackle violence and criminal enterprise in the Fresno area and statewide.” said Attorney General Bonta. “This operation sends a strong message that criminal acts targeting our communities and threatening public officials who protect Californians will not be tolerated. We would like to thank the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies for their hard work.Protecting public safety is our number one priority and we will not rest until the job is done.”

The operation concludes an investigation that began in 2021. As part of yesterday’s operation, authorities seized 64 firearms, including ghost guns, AR-style rifles and semi-automatic handguns. Expanded magazines, ammunition and body armor. Illegal drugs such as fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Approximately $26,509 in currency conversion. Additionally, the investigation resulted in the deterrence of at least four crimes, including a mass shooting.

Both the state and federal search and arrest warrants were issued as part of the operation, and the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office and the Eastern District of California’s Federal Attorney’s Office plan to prosecute the case. The suspects’ charges range from murder, conspiracy to murder, burglary, armed robbery, car robbery, burglary, possession of illegal weapons, drug trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion and car theft.

The High Impact Investigative Team (HIIT) is a multi-agency task force led by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Investigation, and funded by the federal government through the National High Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program. This organization includes the California Department of Justice, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Special Services Unit, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Madera County Sheriff’s Office, Kings County Sheriff’s Office, Tulea County Sheriff’s Office, Fresno Police Department, It is made up of members of the Fresno County District. Attorney’s Office, California Highway Patrol, and Federal Bureau of Investigation. As part of the Department of Justice’s Task Force program, HIIT participants work together to combat drug traffickers, violent professional criminals, and gangs. These unique and vital teams use the latest technology and advanced investigative techniques to work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to enhance investigations of violent and organized crime statewide. .

It is important to note that criminal charges only include allegations against individuals. All defendants are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty.

The Department of Justice’s number one job is to protect the safety of the public. Attorney General Bonta has worked with local, state and federal partners to:

  • end the fentanyl crisis Engaging with state and local legal partners; securing ongoing funding for DOJ fentanyl enforcement; efforts to remove fentanyl from California communities, including Placer and Merced counties; responsibilities of manufacturers and distributors Through legal action to question.
  • prevent gun violence Taking guns out of the hands of outlaws through the Gun Violence Prevention Agency. A bill that strengthens California law and holds the firearms industry accountable.
  • Eliminate human trafficking ring in San Diego, kings countyand across California to set up trafficking and sex offender teams within the Department of Justice.
  • Combat Retail Theft Secured a felony conviction in one of the largest organized retail theft operations ever uncovered in California history, announced felony indictments against members of statewide organized retail theft ring, Home Depot, Apple Store , by accusing Microsoft of activities involving the theft, and by collaborating with law enforcement and retailers to address this issue head-on.
  • Dismantle gangs and protect neighborhoods Fresno, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Stockton, Visalia, Yuba City, and even Fresno County as announced today.
  • stop illegal gambling Through gaming authorities, including Santa Ana.
  • work with the community Find public safety solutions in Stockton and San Diego.and
  • Protecting older people from abuse and neglect By prosecuting the bad guys who steal, defraud, harm and abuse our elders.

The California Department of Justice is recruiting. Visit to see open positions and learn how the Department of Justice can help protect the health, well-being and public safety of Californians.

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