Association ½ï¿ ½o Paulista de Medicina Endorses Telehealth and Medicine Today Journal

The international open access peer-reviewed journal Telehealth and Medicine Today (THMT) is an Associaï¿¿ ½ï¿ We are pleased to announce the approval of the ½o Paulista de Medicina (APM). With more than 30,000 members, his APM’s mission is to represent physicians in the professional, regulatory, scientific and societal fields and to foster models of excellence in the medical profession.

“We are honored that APM has chosen to endorse THMT. We are publishing our first article written in. We are developing multilingual journal editions in English, Portuguese and Spanish for the Latin American region.The new and exciting acceleration in Latin America, catalyzed by the novel coronavirus With these innovations, THMT is committed to expanding research, bridging global divides, and providing a platform for multilingual communication and educational experiences in scholarly publishing. We look forward to working with APM and its members to expand our research,” said founder and publisher Tory Cenaj.

THMT offers full exemption (no APC) for original research accepted from Latin American researchers, ensuring geographic inclusion and enabling relevant findings and innovation to be reached. To submit your manuscript, please visit

The deadline for submissions for the next issue is June 1, 2023.

Telemedicine and Medicine Today (THMT) explores the economic impact of digital health innovations in the value of telemedicine and clinical automation, their use and scalable development, clinical informatics, business process guidance, immersive patient experiences, market research and value enhancement, 100% It is an open access international peer-reviewed journal. Care based on the entire continuum of care. Original research papers and reviews are invited from multiple disciplines, including medicine, technology, policy, economics, education and social impact. Authors are encouraged to submit outcome data to demonstrate cost efficiency in practice. Audiences include hospitals and medical research centers, universities, payment institutions, IT/IS, healthcare providers, consultants, corporate entities, entrepreneurs, developers and start-ups, life sciences and device companies, pharmacies, NGOs, governments, and Includes policy leaders. leadership around the world. This journal is owned by Partners I Digital Health.

Manuscript Submissions:

Associa o Paulista de Medicina (APM) It is a non-profit public benefit entity. Our role is to represent the doctors of the State of São Paulo, which consists of 14 districts and 75 active regions, in addition to 50 departments and scientific committees. APM is a member of the Brazilian Medical Association and affiliated with the World Medical Association (WMA). The association has more than 30,000 of his members, including doctors and medical students. The group contributes to the development of health policy and the qualification of medical assistance in public integrated health care systems and private health care plans. APM works closely with the National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, City Councils, Health Councils, State-Aided Health Oversight Agencies, and other legislative and executive powers to represent the interests of physicians and society.



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