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Everyone, good evening. I am honored to be here tonight to present AAPI Youth Rising with this year’s Allied Organizational Transformation Act Award. This award recognizes the organization’s leadership and continued efforts to promote the rights and well-being of her AAPI youth across the country.

This effort could not be more timely or more urgent. One of the top priorities of the Department of Justice’s Office for Civil Rights is to combat the growing hatred directed against the AAPI community. We are prosecuting hate crimes, including a man who attacked an Asian-American family at Sam’s Club in Midland, Texas, with a knife during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sentences include securing a sentence of 25 years in prison as they were held responsible for the crimes. . It also indicted a man who recently pleaded guilty after threatening to harm an Asian-American doctor in Maryland who was an active supporter of a coronavirus vaccine. And just last week, following the shooting and attempted bombing of Irvine Taiwan Presbyterian Church in Southern California, we identified a Nevada man as a federal hate crime and others linked to one murder and 44 attempted murders. indicted on 98 counts for the crime of May 2022.

We will also work to secure a settlement agreement that requires the Davis School District of Utah to make significant reforms to address and prevent harassment, including racist insults and bullying, reported by AAPI and black students. I have faced incidents.

But we cannot prosecute or litigate our way to a fully inclusive and just society. It takes effort from all of us. And AAPI Youth Rising is truly leading the way.

AAPI Youth Rising is a young organization that has been at the forefront of social justice and advocacy. Two years ago they organized his first AAPI Youth Rising Rally. More than 1,000 people attended the rally, including a dozen young leaders who spoke out against anti-Asian hatred and xenophobia. Through their efforts, they have become an advocate for his AAPI youth, raising awareness of the bullying and hatred affecting the community.

The organization also created a model curriculum, “One Day of AAPI History,” to promote education in Asian American Studies. It grew rapidly, expanding to include nearly 80 of her chapters in 25 states. Last year, AAPI Youth Rising was recognized by American Girl Inc. for its advocacy on behalf of AAPI, leading to the birth of the first Asian-American Girl of the Year doll. They were also honored at President Biden’s “United We Stand” summit at the White House and served as subject matter experts on the Health Equity Subcommittee of the President’s Advisory Committee on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. attended. Founder and Executive Director Mina Fedor won Act to Change magazine’s ‘Changemaker of the Year’ award last year, as well as Time magazine’s 2022 Kids of the Year award. was also selected as a finalist for

The impact of AAPI Youth Rising’s work can be seen in the positive change they have made across the country. Their work has inspired us all and we are proud to present them with this award. Please join me in celebrating AAPI Youth Rising’s achievements and their continued efforts to represent the community. We welcome Mina, Charlie, Cooper, Cobi, Ethan, Colin, Mimi, Max and Joanna to the podium.

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