As food prices continue to soar, barbecues on memorial day for fallen soldiers catch fire

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May 27, 2023 | 8:00 AM

There is nothing new under the bread.

As inflation-weary Americans fire up the grills this Memorial Day, the traditional summer barbecue setup will strain wallets again.

Consumers are expected to pay nearly 9% more on average than last year for a selection of family-friendly barbecue essentials, including hot dogs, hamburgers, hamburger buns, 8-packs of hot dog buns and relishes . ketchup and mustard.

These basic costs will already cost $25.07 in 2022, compared to $27.32 for the average clan this year, according to the Datasenbly Grocery Price Index. The Datasembly Grocery Price Index measures weekly changes in grocery prices using data from more than 150,000 stores nationwide.

As inflation-weary Americans fire up the grills this Memorial Day, the traditional summer barbecue setup will strain wallets again.
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Are you paying too much for your Memorial Day barbecue this year?
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Analysts point to seasonings as the main culprit this year.

“Most people will pay more for burger buns and condiments than they did a year ago, and beer prices have gone up,” said David Ortega, a food economist and associate professor at Michigan State University. told the paper.

According to 2022 and 2023 statistics compared by Datasembly for MarketWatch, the price of a 32-ounce ketchup bottle has jumped 28% in one year, from $4.08 to $5.22.

A 20 oz container of mustard rose 13.04% from $2.07 to $2.34. Meanwhile, the 26 oz bottle of relish rose 12.28% from $2.85 to $3.20.

Also expect to use more lettuce for the bread.

That hot dog bun package It rose 7.37% in one year from $2.85 to $3.06. Hamburger buns rose 7.39% from $2.84 to $3.05.

However, Ortega said, “beef and pork prices are slightly lower than last year, so buns may be cheaper this year.”

Hot dog lovers will notice a relatively modest price increase of 2.99%, from $3.34 to $3.44 for an eight-pack, while raw ground meat prices will start at $7.04 in 2022. It fell 0.43% to $7.01 for six.

The overall surge in summer staples is in line with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April consumer price index, which showed that food costs rose 7.7% in April compared to the same month last year.

The price of fresh ground meat fell 0.43% to $7.01 from $7.04 in 2022.
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According to BLS data, food in particular increased by 7.1%.

Consumers are also increasingly faced with paying extravagant prices for junk food favorites. The category, which includes iconic snacks like Doritos and Lay’s potato chips, is up a whopping 10.1% over its already high 2022 prices.

And washing them off will be difficult to swallow. Alcoholic beverages increased by 4.6% compared to last year. Meanwhile, soda and other fizzy drinks are up 11.9% compared to 2022 prices, BLS data shows.

Not only will your blood sugar spike, but dessert too. Bakery products he is up 12.9%.

“We’re starting to see improvement in terms of food price inflation, but prices are still rising significantly,” Ortega said. “It’s beneficial to shop around and take advantage of last-minute sales.”

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