American doctor pays tribute to mother to help woman who can’t afford surgery

Dr. Joshua Lampert misses his mother more than usual in May.

Adele Lynn Lampert died in March 2020 at the age of 68. For more than a decade, she had battled metastatic pheochromocytoma, a rare cancer that spreads throughout her body.

In May of this year, in honor of her memorial, Aventura’s board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons invited uninsured and uninsured mothers in the state of Florida, USA, to undergo reconstructive and medical procedures. We provide the plastic surgeons you need for free.

“My mother was always very proud of the charity and surgical mission trips I took. she said. Lampert, 46, is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an assistant professor at the Herbert-Wartheim School of Medicine, Florida International University.

Lampert’s office is accepting online applications and nominations for free surgery through April 21. Lampert’s team then screened the applicants and selected a limited number of patients.

He’s not looking for a woman who wants the Brazilian hip lift that’s popular in Miami. Nor are we looking for mothers who want a facelift, rhinoplasty, or breast implants for cosmetic reasons.

Instead, he held the first ever ALL For Moms Charity Surgery Day (named after his mother), dedicated to reconstructive surgery for cancer, trauma and burns, revision of caesarean scars, and postnatal care. Or for mothers who need financial assistance for congenital deformities, breast reconstruction including breast reduction surgery, etc. Removal of breast implants.

Dr. Lampert and his late mother Adele. Photo: Dr. Joshua Lampert/TNSDr. Lampert and his late mother Adele. Photo: Dr. Joshua Lampert/TNS

Reconstructive surgery is expensive and can cost thousands of dollars, he said, and many underinsured or uninsured people cannot afford it. It is not yet known how many free surgeries will be performed, but they are scheduled for May 21, his mother’s birthday. She would have turned 72 this year.

The surgery will be performed at his outpatient surgery center in Aventura. Interior His mother, his designer, designed his office during cancer treatment. This was her last project.

“There is perhaps no greater love than a mother’s love for her child. This treasure I will never fully comprehend, but now that I have lost my own mother, I understand it better. Thank you,” Lampert said.

“Since my mother passed away, I feel more humbled and lucky than ever to see my wife give birth to our first son. I’m sure my mother will be proud of this day, and the surgery center she founded is taking care of other mothers in need.” – Miami Herald /Tribune News Service

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