Alfonso Ribeiro’s 4-year-old daughter undergoes emergency surgery after scooter accident

Alfonso Ribeiro’s youngest daughter Eva is recovering after undergoing emergency surgery after a horrific scooter accident the day before her fourth birthday.

The “Dancing With The Stars” host, 51, spoke candidly about Eva’s accident in an Instagram post on May 15. Next to a photo of Eva with lacerations to his face and arms, he wrote, “The day before you turned four isn’t the day you want.

“I would like to sincerely thank @karesskinmd for the emergency services and procedures to reduce the possibility of frightening me. I am so proud of how brave my baby girl was during the surgery,” he said. added.

The former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star has two sons, AJ, 9, and Anders, 8, with his wife Angela Ribeiro. He is also the father of his eldest daughter, Sienna, from a previous relationship.

In a post on her Instagram page, Angela Ribeiro revealed that Eva was injured “in a crash from a scooter on which she was sitting the day before her birthday”.

In a follow-up post on May 15, Alfonso Ribeiro updated fans on Eva’s condition, along with a photo of his daughter attending a Rapunzel-themed birthday party.

“Happy birthday my sweet Eva Sue. As some of you know, Eva has had a very difficult week. I’m so proud of her for handling everything so well. She’s so brave, strong, and creative, and I love everything about my little girl.”

The actor and TV personality also thanked his wife, who was “so wonderful during this time.”

“Long nights when a little girl is in pain and has to be medicated every few hours. My two heroes,” he wrote.

Angela Ribeiro shared an update on herself about her “tough” daughter, along with photos from her birthday party, on Instagram. “This sweet, fierce, charismatic, independent and insanely smart girl turned 4 yesterday,” she wrote, adding, “I still have a big baby in my heart. I’m not ready to accept it, but I love watching her grow.

The proud mother enthused that Eva was “full of character and wise beyond her years” and “I love her imagination, her courage, her athleticism and her ability to express and show love.”

“And despite spilling something awful the day before the party, this tough girl never once complained about the pain or when I had to apply ointment every two hours. Happy 4th birthday Eva Sue and I am so happy to be your mama,” she added.

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