Al Roker’s post-surgery comments flooded, wife tells TODAY’s host what’s going on

Al Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts, updated her husband’s recovery on Saturday, sharing an emotional message alongside a photo.

The TV journalist admitted it had been a “challenging” but rewarding few weeks, including Al’s knee replacement surgery and the publication of his book. Lessons Learned and What We Valueand also traveled to England to report on the coronation.

Along with some photos of her adventure, she wrote: “Friday is over. Beautiful, challenging, satisfying blitz. What a two weeks it’s been! I may be yawning, but I’m filled with gratitude.” How is it going? #Friday #feelings @lorrainetoussaint @caroleradziwill @dufflambros @alroker @lara.spencer @jamesaalongman #broadcast and cable hall fam @Lessons and cherish. ”

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Deborah also posted a photo of Al walking down a hospital hallway in a medical gown and surgical socks with a bandaged knee.

A fan commented: “Do your best as much as possible. Are you okay? Are you recovering?” And then, “Al, I have those socks! They’re souvenirs from when I had my knee replaced three days before Christmas. I wish you a perfect recovery!”

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Others congratulated the book on its publication, and even more wished Al well and said it was great to see him already up and walking. The meteorologist underwent surgery on May 9, and prayers poured in after he revealed the results of the surgery.

Al, 68, said he was doing well and shared a post on Instagram confirming that he was on the road to recovery. Along with a clip of a hospital room with the sun rising over New York City, he wrote: “Grateful and #hopeful for my #first day with my #newknee. Who knew?” Immediately, the comments flooded in.

Al’s medical treatment forced him to temporarily leave his Today hosting gig. Last year, Dylan Dreyer filled in for the co-host who was away for over a month after undergoing surgery for a blood clot in his lung.

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He returned early next year, but announced he needed more time off due to knee replacement surgery.

Al continues to walk avidly until his health deteriorates in late 2022, with fans following a daily 10,000-step daily routine on Instagram with videos of him chatting to the camera. I expected to.

Al and Deborah have been dating for 28 years

It’s a pity that Al will have to undergo surgery, but you want to return to full health as soon as possible. Especially since he and his wife Deborah Roberts have something exciting on the horizon. they will be grandparents.

Al’s eldest daughter, Courtney Roker Raga, is expecting her first child with husband Wesley Raga in June. Kourtney, 36, first shared her pregnancy news in a video on Instagram in which she remixed Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” in March, sharing her pregnant couple photos and ultra Featuring a video of the sonography.

See photos of Al and his family below.

Al is going to be a grandpa

Families can’t wait for new additions

Al was the father of a proud bride

Al and youngest daughter Layla

Al is always supported by his wife Deborah

Al’s son Nick recently started college.

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