Al Roker says he suffered ‘complications’ from knee surgery

Al Roker visited today Although he hasn’t returned to full-time yet, he appeared on Tuesday’s show and opened up about his recovery from recent knee surgery.

The 68-year-old, who has had a knee replacement before, said the surgery was very difficult this time around, but it was surprising to him, especially because of some of the “complications” he faced. Said it didn’t matter.

“I’m fine. It’s good to see you all. I’ll be honest. I’ve had multiple knee replacement surgeries. It’s not that surprising,” Roker said.

“This was the most difficult task ever, as we had to remove the old one, which had some complications, and then install the new one,” he continued.

According to Roker’s comments, May 9’s surgery was basically done to cure a major complication from a previous knee surgery that took place 23 years ago.

while showing today X-rays of his new knee were taken on the show, and Roker detailed what the doctors did during his recent surgery. “The surgery went all the way from the femur to the tibia, and there’s a hinge in between, so it really did the surgery.” It took a lot of work to get the old one out. Not only does it remove the old hardware and install the new hardware, it also contains a titanium cone for bone growth. ”

“I mean, this was a lot more work,” Roker declared.

Nonetheless, the weathercaster was already walking on his new knee the day after surgery and shared a video of the experience with fans on social media.

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But Roker also revealed what was the “hardest part” of her recovery: “I felt good because my nerve block hadn’t healed yet, so I started cooking. Then I saw my Instagram. The doctor said,” he said. “No, I don’t do that.” I mean, it’s important to keep your knees still, cool and elevate, and I’m doing physical therapy. ”

Still recovering, Roker also happily announced his return to the post. today show Next Tuesday, May 30th!

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