Al Roker reveals recovery from recent surgery is ‘more complicated’ in Heath Update

Al Roker He is reporting to fans on his recovery after knee surgery.

A famous weather forecaster made a special virtual appearance today Show on Monday, May 15, to offer co-stars Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin and Dylan Dryer With health updates.

“It’s Monday. I’m home from the hospital,” said Roker, who is taking a break from morning programming, adding, “One more day!”

The 68-year-old explained he feels “stiff” and said his recovery was “a little complicated.”

He explained that doctors called the operation a “reoperation,” saying, “It was a replacement replacement, so it was a bit taxing because I had to take things out and put things in.” explained.

Roker is taking it easy, as the road to recovery is a little more complicated.

“So we’re just hanging out, doing nothing and chilling out. A lot of people find it hard to believe, but it really is,” he explained. Appear on TV shows such as Add What You’re Aware of Mrs. Davis, mandalorianand poker face.

I had a lot of time to spend with my son and family, NickWith my wife who returned from college, Deborah Robertshas been his go-to through all of the health emergencies of the past few years.

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“I was very optimistic that one of us would go. [favorite restaurants]Daniel, Mother’s Day, it’s kind of a tradition for us,” he explained, making it clear that it’s “not realistic.”

Instead, the family “ordered something like quiche and had a nice meal here in the backyard. Yesterday was a great day, so that was great.”

No date has been set for her return, but she hopes to return to morning broadcasts “within the next two weeks.”

“I just listen to it every day,” he said, adding that “three days a week of physical rehab for several months” should be a priority.

Roker underwent his first knee replacement surgery in April 2022. Her health problems delayed her second surgery as she was hospitalized with blood clots in her legs and lungs, which doctors believe happened after COVID-19.

His medical team later found two bleeding ulcers, which required surgery to remove the gallbladder, remove the colon, and redo parts of the small intestine.

At the time, Roker joked, “I had one operation, four were free.”

We can’t wait to see Roker back on our TV screens, but we hope he puts his healing first and foremost.

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