Al Roker recovers from knee surgery, hopes to return ‘today’ Tuesday – Deadline

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today Weather forecaster Al Roker said he plans to return to NBC’s morning show next Tuesday after recovering from knee replacement surgery.

“I’ve had a lot of understudies in my life… but this was the toughest understudy I’ve ever had,” Roker said during a call. today colleagues yesterday. Roker, who has been absent from the show since May 9, said his recent surgery — his second after his first knee replacement 23 years ago — required “removing old hardware and installing new hardware.” He explained that it was particularly difficult.

Roker said he was initially feeling well after the surgery (while the neuroleptic drugs were still working), enough to post a cooking video on Instagram. “My doctor looked at Instagram and said, ‘No, we don’t do that here.'”

The weather forecaster said he uses ice and has outpatient physical therapy, but otherwise tries to keep his knee as painless as possible. His wife, Deborah Roberts, posted a message on her Instagram on May 21, saying that the second surgery was “a little bit hard to undo, but it’s been pretty slow, pretty good. ‘ said.

Roker said today The host announced he would return to the show on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend.

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