Al Roker poses with pregnant daughter and son after knee surgery

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May 24, 2023 | 2:29 PM

Two weeks after knee surgery, Al Roker happily posed with his son and eldest daughter.ouichefroker/Instagram

Al Roker walks in the sun, albeit a little cautiously.

The Today show weather forecaster, 68, poses with kids Nicholas, pregnant daughter Courtney, and husband Wesley Raga after receiving the No Kid Hungry Champion award on Monday. Share a snap of yourself.

“Last night I wore real pants for the first time in two weeks since my revision knee surgery to win the #shareourstrength @nokidhungry champion award,” he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, along with a merry-go-round of photos from the event.

This photo was taken just two weeks after the TV personality underwent a second knee replacement surgery.

The weather forecaster underwent knee replacement surgery two weeks ago.
Pictures of Shane Drummond
Al Roker took the stage during the New York No Kid Hungry Dinner.
Pictures of Shane Drummond

“I’ve had a lot of understudies,” he said on the morning show after surgery. “This replacement was the hardest yet, because I had to remove the old replacement who had some complications and put in a new one.”

It’s been a difficult few months for Roker, health wise.

Late last year, he was hospitalized for several weeks with blood clots and internal bleeding.

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Roker said the change was “the most difficult one I’ve ever had.”
Devroberts Sabuk/Instagram

“I lost half my blood. They were trying to figure out where it was,” Roker recalled of his major health concerns, joking, “I went in for surgery once.” [and] I got 4 for free. ”

After discovering he had two bleeding ulcers, doctors resected his colon, removed his gallbladder, and reshaped the duodenum of his small intestine.

Roker’s wife, newscaster Deborah Roberts, later revealed how serious the situation was.

His eldest daughter, Courtney, is due to give birth.

“I don’t think it’s exaggerating, but I have to say that Al was a very, very sick man, and I don’t think most people knew that,” she shared.

Last March, the NBC star told Page Six that he was “overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and prayers” that came during his hospital stay, adding that Roberts “wouldn’t have lived.”

Despite health concerns, Roker’s outlook has been particularly bright.

Courtney accidentally tells her father that she is pregnant with a girl.

His eldest daughter Courtney is pregnant with a girl.

recipe developer And her husband’s first child is due in June, three months after she posted the exciting news on Instagram.

“A new adventure is about to begin,” she wrote at the time, accompanied by emojis of baby bottles and hearts.

“Here you go! I’m really, really, really happy!!!”[ment]”

Roker has had a number of health problems in recent months.
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

The creators of “Never Goin’ Back” told viewers of the show “Today” that the baby was killed when Courtney, 36, accidentally texted the word “granddaughter” during a conversation about ultrasound photos. said he knew the gender of

Roker adopted Courtney with then-wife Alice Bell in 1987. After she divorced in 1994, she married 62-year-old Roberts the following year.

The couple, who will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary this fall, have son Nicolas, 20, and daughter Leila, 24.

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