Afghanistan: Taliban Treatment of Women and Girls Should Be Investigated as Crimes Against Humanity of Gender Persecution

Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, women have been excluded from political roles and most public sector jobs. A series of measures and announcements has excluded women and girls from post-primary education, prevented them from continuing their studies at universities, and further limited their career opportunities.

The dismantling of institutional frameworks that support survivors of gender-based violence by the Taliban further undermines the gender-based rights of Afghan women and girls. Decrees of December 24, 2022 and April 4, 2023, banning women from working for NGOs and the United Nations, provide further evidence of gender discrimination.Requirements for women traveling maharam, There are decrees that require a male escort for long-distance travel and that women should stay at home unless absolutely necessary, and the Taliban’s strict dress code limits women’s freedom of movement and public violating the freedom to choose what to wear on occasion.

The discriminatory restrictions imposed on women and girls by the Taliban are reflected in a number of international treaties to which Afghanistan is a party, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. violating the human rights guarantees contained in On the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Afghan women and girls have been arbitrarily arrested and detained by Taliban members for so-called “moral crimes” as a result of violating discriminatory provisions of de facto authorities. Maharam against restrictions and participation in peaceful demonstrations. Women who protested the Taliban’s abusive and restrictive policies have been subjected to excessive force, unlawful arrest, torture and other ill-treatment to ensure compliance, and have been denied representation, association, peaceful assembly and public participation. leading to violations of the right to freedom of

“The regulations on women and girls were clearly designed to specifically target them. They violated their rights and excluded them from participating in society. Girls are forced to live as second-class citizens, they are silenced and invisible, and the weight of evidence is that these measures obliterate women and girls in almost every aspect of their lives. It suggests that it reflects a targeted policy of gender persecution,” Agnès Calamar said.

Numerous incidents of arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and other ill-treatment of women and girls participating in peaceful protests or accused of so-called “moral crimes” also It should be investigated as a possible crime against humanity of imprisonment or forced execution. Disappearance and torture under Article 7 of the Roman Law.

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