ACL tear, scheduled for surgery

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins was carted off the field after collapsing to the ground and was later diagnosed by an MRI with a torn left anterior cruciate ligament requiring surgery, the team said Thursday night. Did.

The recommended surgery is ACL reconstruction, the Phillies said in a statement.

In the top of the second, Tigers’ Austin Meadows lined a ground ball to first base. Hoskins broke back to get it back on the field, but took an awkward step and fell to the ground, clenching his left knee in obvious pain. and jogged to meet him. His teammates on the field gathered around him. Kyle Schwarber helped carry Hoskins off the field in a cart. Several players including Nick Castellanos, Brandon Marsh and Bryson Stott shook hands before the Hoskins departed.

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Thomson said on the NBC Sports Philadelphia broadcast, “He (especially at first) was (in a lot of pain).

The timing is brutal for Hoskins, who underwent meniscal surgery on his right knee in December. A few weeks ago, Hoskins explained that his right knee was “fine” and said he wouldn’t delay the start of the season.

“Looking at that guy and the way he’s been working this offseason puts him in a good place and feeling good about the swing, about the body, everything. …He’s coming out. was ready to play 162 [games] That’s it,” said Schwarber. “That kind of baseball is crazy. But like we said, hopefully we get good news, but if not, we’ll be there for him no matter what.

Rhys Hoskins was rescued by a waiting cart by his teammates after being injured while fielding a ground ball on moreChris O’Meara/AP

“We respect him and of course wish him the best of luck,” shortstop Tory Turner said after the game. “Hopefully his tests come back okay and it’s not that bad. , is one of our leaders and we miss him. We miss him, even for a short period of time.”

This season was supposed to be pivotal for Hoskins, who just turned 30 on March 17. He avoided arbitration with the Phillies in the offseason, settling for $12 million, but is eligible to become a free agent after the season.

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Drafted by the Phillies in the fifth round of the 2014 draft. He has a .242/.353/.492 batting average and a .846 OPS in his six seasons with the Phillies.

“He does (more than numbers),” Thomson said. “He’s very good in the clubhouse. He’s very calm. He’s big for us, he really is.”

Hoskins’ absence will certainly have ripple effects on the 26-man roster. For one thing, it opens up bench competition. The Phillies have his five players in Scott Kingery, Dalton Guthrie, Darrick Hall, Jake Cave and Cody Clemens vying for his two spots.

Clemens has the equivalent of 213 innings at first base between the big and minor leagues. Guthrie and Cave have no experience there.

Darrick Hall is the most experienced first baseman of the Phillies’ bench players competing for a roster spot, albeit in the minor moreYong Kim / Staff Photographer

Kingery is comfortable playing third base if needed. The Phillies can do if they want to move third baseman Alec Bohm to first base. But Baum has only played one game at first base this spring, and Bobby says he’s making progress at third base under infield coach Dickerson, so they might not be willing to. I can’t.

Hall has the most experience of any bench candidate, playing 4,771⅔ innings throughout his minor league career and playing 39 innings last season in his rookie year with the Phillies. The hole, which has primarily been used against right-handed hitters, has been working to even out the left-right split this offseason, but can spend time in the same position as Bohm during that time.

Hall seemed like a frontrunner to make the roster as a stand-in for Bryce Harper, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Hall has been hitting .319/.385/.681 this spring, and OPS he’s 1.066. With options for all five bench contenders, the Phillies have some flexibility.

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Another option left in the major league camp is infielder Weston Wilson. Wilson, who signed his league contract in the minors in January, has shown strength this spring in his league in the minors, where he played 1,352⅓ innings at first base. He has hit .294/.385/.529 in his 18 games in his spring training, with an OPS of .914. However, Wilson is still an unproven entity. He has no big league experience. He must be added to his 40 man roster.

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